A bigger Gamemode for Gears 6

Gears has always been a fun game but I feel a reason it hasn’t gotten as big as it could is to its more deceptive nature. Now when I say deceptive I’m talking about what newcomers expect to get when they see it and decide to play gears of WAR. I love versus and it should never go but I believe a secondary PvP mode could do the game good and deliver on this.

And when I say bigger I mean it. I believe gears should add a Pvp mode similar to overrun but with traits of something akin, not super close to or identical to but akin to battlefields game modes. 2 moderately large sides fighting the other with unique equipment and options for each to help them complete objectives.

Here is my imagining of it. Maps in this mode are approximately 3-5 times bigger than standard versus maps to allow for more players and some of my following ideas. These maps would be designed to still have areas where CQC shines to still allow fun for the current majority while having more open areas for newer players and those who enjoy more ranged combat. Alongside basic soldiers and drones as the baseline there would be more specialized classes that get unlocked as the game goes on as well as vehicles, for the cog, and the more specialized creatures for the swarm such as carrier, snatcher etc. Also, deebees would be on the cog side still while the transformed would be on the swarms. The objectives would vary between a huge game of koth putting 2 large rings that gain points for whichever side has more of their side within kind of like arcade blitz only capping while players were within it. Just like koth the rings would run out of points and then move to new spots. The first rings would be close to each teams general spawn and would then alternate between close and being in the middle. The player count for each side would be around 15 to 20 with limits on the large creatures to make sure infantry were still fighting. As well as these there would be 5 - 10 horde style ai fighting as well to keep it feeling chaotic.

The other mode i thought of would be akin to the ticket system and would have each side trying to take objectives to get more respawns. The end goal for each side would be to get these objectives to get more respawns and then fight till the other side ran out of reinforcements otherwise functioning the same with better stuff arriving as the match went on.

For the infantry. There would be some variation in types as well as ammo boxes and power weapons scattered through the map still available for pickup.

The basic class would be the soldier/drone spawning with the basic loadout and moving at normal speed with normal health: lancer/ hammerburst-gnasher-snub-smokes

The next class would be the medic/swarm kantus maybe, and would move faster be a little weaker and unlock after 2 minutes: Enforcer/gnasher-talon/snub-stim grenades( note that these simply revive downed players not dead ones and give no other benefits simply being a ranged revive)

The next class would unlock after 4 minutes and be the shocktrooper/grenadier who would be tankier but move a little slower for the nades and health: Overkill/gnasher/scorcher-boltok-any grenade type

The next would be the sniper who unlocks alongside grenadier and They would move slower and have no bonus health for the ability to have this loadout on spawn: Longshot/breechshot-markza-snub-shocks( note grenadier will still get scoped and medic can still take a longshot to the body before downing although a stiff breeze will down) also maps would be designed to let snipers punish players out in the open but still have flanks.

The final basic class would be the heavy weapon specialist who would unlock after 6 minutes but they would have more health, enough to take a Longshot to the face(not an active though) and be slower then a grenadier when not using a heavy weapon as well as have very mild ammo regen for heavy weapons: They would spawn with any of these Mulcher/trishot/salvo/boomshot/dropshot/cryocannon/oneshot(no ammo regen can only use boxes)/mortar(same as one shot but more ammo reserves) they wouldn’t spawn with normal weapons but could grab one if need be from the ground.

The final class would be the unique General. This class would be multiple possible characters from each side and there would only be one per team at a time and would go on cooldown when they died. They would arrive after 8 minutes and cooldown for 4 minutes after dying. The General used would be player choice and it would be offered to each team’s highest scorer first before anyone could try and grab it.

Generals spawn at 8 minutes and would be the only class with an ultimate although it would recharge quickly and not be overpowered. Also they would spawn with unique weaponry if they had it and only use basic weapons if it made since. This would include dead general characters.
For the cog it would be: Presscott, Hoffman, Anya and Jinn.
For the swarm it would be: Myrrah, Skorge, Raam, Reyna There could obviously be more but I’m keeping it low.

Prescott would have standard health and speed and his ult would be giving a map side speech that lasts 5 to 10 seconds that gives all cog a small stim boost and reviving any downed cog. It would cooldown for 75 seconds. His loadout: HOD- that’s it/ better guard him well If he dies he’ll drop the hammer and it will get limited ammo and can be grabbed by both cog abd swarm.

Hoffman would be a little slower but a little tankier spawning with a higher damage lancer and gnasher. His ult would be straight out of gears 2 and be a ragdolling smoke nade that recharges every 45 seconds and makes a huge smoke cloud that clears all marks from any cog near it and marks any swarm within it.

Anya would move a little quicker but be a little weaker. Her ult would call back to her days as control as ot giving every swarm a mark for 10 seconds. Her loadout: Lancer-gnasher-snub-stim grenade

Jinn would obviously be deebee Jinn and would be the slowest but have the most health. Her ult would be her summoning a single salvo sentinel that goes on cooldown after death for 1 minute but will focus on her mark. Her loadout: enforcer and embar

Now for the swarm side

Myrrah would have less health but more speed. Her ult would have a 75 second cooldown and be her giving a demoralizing speech to the cog that makes them more vulnerable to gunfire for 5 seconds. Her loadout would be: Torque bow-improved hammerburst-bolo grenades

Skorge would have standard health and speed. His ult would be him chanting making him perfectly still but causing all swarm in sight to get damage resistance and revive any downed swarm. 1 minute cooldown. His loadout would be: dual gorgons that fire very fast and have decent mag sizes- improved ink grenade

Raam would be the slowest but tankiest and his ult would be the ability to call forth a kryll shield temporarily to up to 3 swarm teammates that make them take much less damage but slightly obscure their vision. Scorchers and explosives or enough gunfire would disperse the kryll. 25 second cooldown His loadout: the unmounted troika gun from gears 1. On death, it can be used as a heavy weapon with limited ammo by either side. Stats would be mulcher with trishot damage

Reyna would a little quicker with a little less health. Her ult would allow her to summon a single AI snatcher or carrier that attacks her mark. 90 second cooldown After the creature dies.

Also all characters and creatures would match their real size In this mode so a huge raam short Myrrah etc.

Now for vehicles/big boys and when they arrive
Cog: One king raven or kestrel 4 minutes
Up to 2 centaurs 4 minutes
1 minotaur that can have cog spawn on it 2 minutes
Up to 3 rat bikes start
Up to 2 silverbacks 6 minutes
One construction mech, cooldown on destruction 2 minutes, available after 8 minutes

Up to one flock or wakatuu 4 minutes
Up to 2 carriers 4 minutes
Up to one snatcher 2 minutes ( can make pods for swarm to spawn from)
3 Repurposed ratbikes for swarm start
Up to 2 Swarmserkers returned with scorcher weakness( not matriarch she dead) 6 minutes One swarmak with cooldown on death 2 minutes Spawns at 8 minutes

Matches should be tailored to never last more then 20 minutes and end at that point with the leading team getting victory.

As for how skins would work obviously weapon skins would be fine. As for the other skins non General skins would be usable as anything. Versus would be untouched. Generals would use the skin you chose so example if you had lambent Raam and you got to play him you would be lambent Raam.

This is obviously a little out there but a bigger more unique mode would bring so much to gears and surely get some more people playing for this that find versus overwhelming. This would in turn increase the playerbase and allow tc more resources to improve the game even further. Despite gears being a known xbox game That’s a lot of the time as far as it goes as when people try it is too overwhelming, alien, or they get hooked and wish it had more players. Some are fine with this but this is not good for the games expanded lifespan as far as growing bigger is concerned.
Gears has a dedicated fanbase and that is great but it needs new players and not just for modes like versus and such. The game in general needs new players and I believe a new mode like this would attract a lot of people who previously didn’t enjoy it as well as people from other communities. Arcade was kind of a step in the right direction but it got buried in the versus tab and really doesn’t do any good for new players as people who don’t like the normal versus will either not get proper experience from arcade, play Pve or leave gears entirely. I’m sure people play arcade but the gamemode is lacking and something more open and less compact could do some good. Hell at this point I would just take a 20 vs 20 mode on a big map or something. Having 4v4 in a game that used to be called gears of WAR can definitely be confusing for people not to mention bigger modes means fewer people not being able to group up with their friends.

Now I’m almost finished and i would love to hear ideas in the comments of how they could do something bigger. I know this idea will never happen but i believe it’s a step in the right direction of how TC could truly evolve the game with something like a new mode that provides a different experience like this to get more players into the pool. People think its gears complicated skill ceiling that turns people off and that is one reason but it’s also how gears doesn’t really have that much variety in gameplay which I can see tc is trying to improve with stuff like classes in horde and the introduction of escape bt these are PvP mode and if you look around PvP is that people want both in gears and most other games. And when i say no variety I’m talking how in versus your approach will almost always be the same. You’ll end up fighting with the lancer and gnasher for the majority and maybe pick up a power weapon somewhere in here. this is true for most every versus mode maybe leaning more towards the AR or the shottie in some. Hell to mend this they have to release limited-time modes that FORCE you to use different weapons such as shottie snipes to get that hit of variation in players approaches. I mean this isn’t a bad thing but for getting more dedicated players they need something more then this. Versus should never leave and never change. Without it they lose a majority of their dedicated following and what has made gears last this long.

But as i’ve said an extra PvP mode like this could be the spice that is needed to get more people hooked on gears. Also the reason I’m not bringing up PvE isn’t because i don’t like it. I enjoy the PvE a lot but PvP is the way to go to expand gears lifespan.

Plus if an idea like this was added imagine what they could do with horde and bosses. Imagine 10 man horde on a huge map against tons of enemies and every 25 waves there is what is akin to a raid boss that everyone really has to focus on.

This kind of idea would not be out of place in gears. You’re fighting a war. You have cover to protect your selves from hails of gunfire. You have executions to get your score up in hopes of getting to be general this match. You use the multitude of weapons to flush enemies out of said cover to get in the lead. A war type mode would be right at home in gears and it is something people want. When gears 6 does release i do very much hope something like this is in it and it gets the same love and care that versus gets without being tacked on.

This is the wholegrain this train needs to keep on chugging faster and faster. Gears for life.