A big wtf to TC

I’m going to post what I posted in another thread about this same topic.

This is going to happen in every competitive shooter. There are always going to be squads playing together, especially in a team based game.

I don’t think the solution here is trivial. If they modify matchmaking to make sure stacks only play against other teams with a party of, say, 3 or more people, then matchmaking times will surely increase as a result. If they implement a playlist where the match must consist of only be solo/duo queues, then they’re fragmenting the community even further. Either way, the rest of the community suffers because solo queuers are making the conscious decision to not put in the effort to find at least a couple people to play with.

I personally don’t think this is an issue, considering the nature of the game and how team-based play will generally trump individual skill; however, I think if they moved Gears back to 4v4, solo queues may be not as devastating sometimes.

Assuming the ranks represent player capability to some degree, it should be easier to get teammates of similar skill, which could also help out.

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Rather have the quick play point system.

So those that put in real work can benefit.

Maybe can show :

kills, assists, revives, downs = damage

This gp was okay the first update but second update makes it too unforgiving.

I stacked later on tonight & everything was okay. Almost got my diamond back.

It’s just having to always stack to play a ranked game , might as well form a permanent team.

But my question is I always get solos versus stacked, a huge majority of the time.

Be nice if I’m solo I get partnered with a 3 or 4 stack. Even a stack of two 2’s.

I don’t mind facing stacks every no & then but all the time? I play like 3-5 hours a day & I never see the same stack again that day.

I’d wait 2 or 3 extra minutes just so I can play a fair ranked match.

I know all the people who stack are against this because they like picking on the solo players.

But we play solo sometimes because no ones on or we have to do something later & cant devote to a team.

Just a turn off.


There are so many variables to consider when it comes to who you get matched with and whether or not they’re stacks (E.g. your rank, the time of day are you playing, the size of the player pool in the ranks above and below yours, the number of players in the pool that are playing in a stack, the region you are playing in, etc).

I really do think it’s somewhat arbitrary (with the exception of matching similar ranks) as to whether or not you get matched with or against teams in order to reduce queue times, but maybe TC can do a better job of finding other teams of two or more to pair you with if you’re solo queueing. In my solo queue experience, even at the higher ranks (diamond+), I sometimes run into stacks and sometimes don’t. There’s never really been a pattern for me.

As for the matchmaking times, we don’t know if the wait times would actually be two or three minutes extra. It could be 5 or more, or it could be less (which is doubtful if they start splitting the community based on who’s teamed up and who’s not). Waiting 6/7+ minutes just to play a ranked match is honestly not a great user experience, which I’m sure would tick a lot of people off.

I still believe that introducing more fragmentation and matchmaking parameters would only harm the community as a whole, despite the gain that solo queuers may receive from such changes. If they can balance these changes in such a way where both sides of this conversation benefit, then I’m all for it; so long as I’m not banned from playing in a 5 stack simply because people don’t like finding friends to play with


My heart sinks when I’m in a lobby, we get to a game and as the players filter in and I seeing A,A,A,A,A next to the opposition. I play solo, when I say play. I have played about 5 games of KOTH in 2 weeks.

Mostly (some of the reason is this poxy heatwave) this is down to the fact that out of the three Gears games I still play daily if not weekly, Gears 5 always leaves me the most frustrated, unfulfilled and angry.

It is laggy a lot of the time, on occasion I’m getting phantom shots, quitters, although I don’t always blame them as some games it would not matter if we were 10 v 5, as it seems the game runs better for the opp than you.

At least I’m enjoying Gears 4 at the moment :wink:

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I really hate seeing a full stack when I’m in a team of solos but the feeling I get after beating them is second to none haha


Exept 2v2 cause i got one good buddy to play with i rarely do Rank anymore. Sometimes when he is on and we get tired of 2v2 we do a Gridiron or a KOTH but its not that often, when im by myself i see no reason to go rage in rank because i got crappy teamates.

In quick matches the players are usually much chiller and i have fun. Its not a huge lancer fest like KOTH rank.

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Sometimes the “playing gears in a ranked match”. Statuses are lagging behind real time.

Them being in a ranked match could be showing then in YOUR game still.


They might not be able to rejoin. Keep that in mind

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They changed it because people were maxing out too fast. Well ok so they go to one point and now people arent getting enough because one loss puts you back 4 games and if you are master lvl you will lose more even if you win.

I feel they need to change the levels somehow. Like make the max cap a lot more for people but keep it at 2 points per elim. Changing it to one point didnt stop the lancer either.

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Lol we have a dreamer here folks


The game in its current form is not fun. King of the Hill has turned so sweaty all of a sudden it’s insane. I was at D3 with a D2, onyx 3 and golds on my team but somehow, we faced a team of 5 masters players. 5 MASTER PLAYERS. How do the skill points add up ???

I’m going straight back to TDM after pre season ends. 4v4 with only parties of 2 allowed. That’s fair.


I have been kick from Horde with in seconds with no reason. not even time to change my character…lol


what do you think the probility of a stack team vs a solo team winning with close to the same ranks is? High or low?

I am guess low that more times then not the stack wins.

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I do not understand your comment. being good or bad has nothing to do with the variables. If your a solo diamond going agianst a masters /diamond stack high chance you will not win. or if i am solo silver playing onxy 3 and diamonds whats the point in me playing as i am well out side my skill set.

Low ranks playing high ranks and even high rank stack has not benefit to the low rank. sure it might make you better if you can survive the beat down and hazing. discourhement will hanppen before that. no way a silver beats a 1 v2 diamind onyx combo.

if you had 3 quitters and are diaminon and they other stack had 5 golds. you think you win every 1 v 3. thats not a refection of your skill.


Wow. What a witty retort to my points. Clearly you’re here for thoughtful discussion. /s

Try not to drool on yourself


It’s not point skills anymore. Its 2 levels above you or below.

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The other ranking system was more skilled base that is why it matters. Not sure why you couldn’t have thought of that yourself. People of lower skill level are relatively unfazed by the ranking system because their ELO is silver to gold anyway.

Only high skill players are the most negatively impacted by the new ranking system because they have to always win despite doing well in all matches. I get tired of explaining how this ranking system takes 0 skill into account. You get nothing for mvp, you get nothing for beating people of higher skill. You are capped meaning that even if you have higher stats then everyone in the match will still only get 100 gp for having more caps, kills and break then a less skilled player.

When you lose you get penalized more than what your individual effort can output because 170gp-100gp makes you go negative no matter what you do. In real sports players are rated by their individual effort skill not team effort. Lebron James is clearly rated higher in real life and in 2k then cj miles of the raptors. The raptors won the championship and more games but he is still rank lower then Lebron both in real life and in video game. Gears5 does the opposite Of this and makes booty bench players Like him get a higher rank then slayers and support players that have consistently higher stats then people who get carried on a 5 stack in last place every time.

Again everybody that like this ranking system over the old one is not as good player of a player that they think they are. They will cry and moan they couldn’t get diamond or masters but I have gotten it in operations 1-4 every time.

That means that you are not good enough in the eyes of the previous algorithm or TC to be put in that rank but I was every time. The old system was not perfect but it did reward mvp and individual skill far more than this one. I had gotten masters a few times on loses due to how well I played over everyone in the lobby. In this system that is literally impossible now will only ever go down on a lose. I will also be capped on my ability to help my team win time and time again. I do not expect bad players to understand what I am saying but that’s the truth lol

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Buddy telling me to drool on myself is such a corny reply. If you want we can UMG wager to settle this in game. I am sure you are bad at the game if you like this garbage system over the old ones hahaha

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Do you have anything substantial to add to this conversation? If not then see yourself out. If you disagree with me that’s fine. But slinging insults is unnecessary. Also asking me to 1v1 you is the most childish response you could’ve came up with. You have no real counter ooints so you result to insults and “1v1 me bro”. True show of an intellectual.

INB4 “you’re just scared bro hahahaha”

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