A big wtf to TC

At first I didn’t mind stacks. Unless adjustments are made to Ranking system TC needs to do something about the queue. I play KOTH solo alot to dam much. I don’t buy that the player base is to small. 10 matches a day and I’ll never see the same people twice in a day and it always happens to be stacks VS randoms. Prior to op4 I use to see the same GT at Least twice a day.

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I don’t buy it either.

Rather wait a couple minutes to get match making some right.

Too many matches I get all the randoms versus stacks.

Us fans hate this. Ask anyone on lfg first conversation is how trash this gp system is.

The new gp system is always a conversation starter.

With No rank TDM atm also. I think they player base is decent. The way GP is now it’s a mess. The whole narrative was to entice you to finish the game even with Quitters. Earn some GP back when you lose. After the adjustment it doesn’t make any sense to stay now. It’s like TC forgot there own narrative.
If rank is not adjusted, I’ll probably be against stacking. I do play with a stack but I spend most of my time solo. TC says they want people to enjoy the game that is not happening at the moment to a large group of people.

Hell you even see zii posting content about net code and everything he even mentions about smashing and getting smashed.
I got bored and started watching Shadowz here and there because I stop playing not that I follow the guy but I know definitely he is not a Gold 3 this system needs adjustments.


Never said it was out of the normal. My point is that Gears 5 doesn’t have a big enough playerbase to have that strict of matchmaking parameters. It’s not only taking stacks/solos into account when you matchmake. It takes into account, region, connection, squad size, etc. Putting more restrictions on matchmaking will just lead to extremely long times. In a perfect world, solos would only get matched against solos and stacks would only get matched against stacks.

Getting stuck with randoms against a stack is a risk you run in any mutliplayer game. That’s not Gears specific. Heck I play R6, a game that has (according to ubisoft) 45 million players. Even split 3 ways between PC, Playstation and Xbox that’s still roughly 15 million players on each platform playing it (assuming each platform has an even amount of people playing the game, which it probably doesn’t). And I still run into stacks while I’m solo queuing ranked matches in that game. You getting paired with randoms isn’t really a clear indication of anything.

I could be wrong, so someone please correct me if I am. Gears 5 searches for ranked matches based on the highest level player in the squad. So if you’re diamond and your friends are gold, you’ll still get matched up against diamonds/onyx players. If they matched you based on everyone’s rank you could easily exploit that by having a diamond player and a bunch of silver/bronze players so you get matched against players way below your rank.

As far as people playing like it’s esports. It’s ranked dude. You should expect sweat in ranked. If you don’t want to go full tryhard mode then stick to quickplay. You have options available to you to make sure that you have a 5 stack.

In conclusion:

Apes together strong.


I’m with you guys with this ropey as rank system, I’m struggling like anything to keep out of gold because of quitters or getting put against stacks that are onyx or diamond. Last night I got into onyx and won a game real fast, got 40ish points for the win, the next game got smashed and had a similar score but lost 110,how does that even work haha


It’s a cop out.

I’d rather have op3 ranked system than this.

This is the worst experience yet.

At least in op3 I got rewarded for my performance.


How exactly is it a cop out?

If you prefer op3 ranked system then that’s your opinion.

When you say “rewarded for my performance”, do you mean weapon skins based on what rank you achieved? If so, then weapon skins are going to continue to be given out after the preseason is over and TC gathers all the feedback. Right now, Coins and XP are the rewards in the mean time. I honestly prefer this ranking system over the old one. I was getting real tired of the game almost arbitrarily deciding which team should and shouldn’t win and giving me a rank based on the flaws of the system. Also with winning multiple games in a row and having all the progress undone by one loss.

Maaaaaan, this is 100% me. I played a TON of KOTH in Gears 4. Got all the way to 97% Onyx 3 (still hurts that I never officially hit Diamond). But the rampant quitting in 5 and constant run ins with 5 stacks in Gears 5 was just too much for me. I dealt with it enough in 4, I am not going to deal with it again. I barely play ranked anymore.

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Made some slight edits so it is forum appropriate. I know you are upset but its better to give valuable feedback and have discussion than practically ask to have the post locked and risk suspension.


Mayhaps you aren’t the moderator that rules with an iron fist I thought you were.


I am more like a naughty librarian.


Because I’m doing work but a dude hiding spraying a lancer can surpass me.

I get crossing is big but I want the point system where it shows whose making the impact on the game.

This gp someone can have 100 elims but 30 real kills because they just spray.

I think that’s a cop out.

That it was difficult to rank by points so a gp system was made.

Also the matchmaking is still lob sided. Going by highest ranked seems like a cop out too.

Rather have this system but in points & not gp. Just seems they took the easy way out.

It was fine with double worth elims. I was cool with that. Because when you lose you’re punished enough.

This 1 elim is just too unforgiving. Some great players are gold. Most of the community is stuck at gold or onyx.

We don’t wanna play social.

It’s really the 1 elim that’s a problem. I think everyone would be fine if it was 2 elims but pro /UMG players started complaining that it’s easy to climb.

So now I don’t get rewarded for getting real damage points & I must win to rank up or I lose 3-5 games worth of winning points.

@GhostofDelta2 thanks for cutting me a break.



I’m with you on the whole elimination thing. I would prefer it if they just brought back kills and assists. But that seems like a pipe dream at this point.

I couldn’t disagree more. If it matched based on other members of your party, a diamond player could easily abuse that by having a squad full of bronze and silver so they’d get matched against player well below their standing for easy wins. Making the experience horrible for the opposing team. Rank abuse like that happens in a bunch of other games. To use Siege as an example again, high tier players lobbying with low tier players was a rampant issue in that game. So much to the point that last year they made it so if you and your squadmates have a 1000+ MMR difference, you’re not allowed to play ranked with eachother. The only reason matchmaking restrictions like that work in siege, is because siege has the playerbase for it.

That’s all fine and dandy but then you have to understand that you’re going to get a lot of sweats in ranked. That’s what ranked is for. XxXGnasherGawdXxX doesn’t care if you want to play competitively or not.



man do i feel you. now imagine your a silver player and this happens. TC is doing at least 2 levels above the highest rank on the squad. so when i get place with 4 golds i am playing onxy and diamonds… and yet not silver or bronze for me to battle to be found.

I am not sure how they fix cause the master and diamonf popluation should be smaller and they need gamnes so they will always be a in low ranked game where they dominate.


This is the reason I stopped playing ranked, Rank up and then rank down because I lost the next two matches.

Im having way more fun playing guardian on social rn.

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I imagine things might improve once “pre-season” ends.

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KOTH has the most toxic and detestable gears players period.

Although you could argue the Horde host who kicks anyone who doesn’t live by their testament just as toxic and insufferable.

And I recognize IA9I0mis9Got Heat

He was a toxic bum then and he’s a toxic bum now.


Yeah for real.

They kept using emotes too knowingly it was 3v5.

It’s better now. Just morning was bad.

You like the new ranking system because you are not good at the game lol. What are you gold1?