A big wtf to TC

How long is this going to continue.

3 losses in a row. From diamond to onyx2.

Always facing stacks & when I’m not my team just leaves me, for NO REASON! We could be dominating & then a dude quits just because & I see his profile & his in another ranked match!?!?!?

When I stack I face diamond to master players even if I have mainly golds?!

Fix this game.

I know that the friendly neighbourhood ghost will amend this thread to be forum appropriate so good discussion can continue.



Yeah, I get it, you’re frustrated, but hurling insults at TC really isn’t going to fix problems and make them want to listen to feedback or react to it.

If someone is going to report this post it won’t be me.


I know.

Right now I don’t care. Might get suspended too.

Im playing a mode I don’t enjoy & im really really trying.

But cmon… gears is doing me so dirty…

Like I’m trying to chill… I was chill about my first game today being a 5stack…

Then second game were about to win round 1 & people just quit. Like 150-20 & they up & leave just because they wanna play another ranked mode & be a jerk in another lobby & ruin the experience just because they had a bad day…

I ask them to rejoin & they say no. Then play another ranked match? Like how is it possible to quit your match & go to another ranked match…

Got me twisted…


I’m sorry buddy to hear that. Yes it’s understandable as I feel you every day whenever I jump to versus, and by that mainly solo.
Don’t waste your time though as the usual reply is: Register a ticket…


I just wanna chill & play… :unamused:

Figure if I complain & cry out loud like the pro players I’ll get noticed.


This is why I refuse to play Ranked any more than TC forces me to. I used to know lots of folks who played Ranked… in G4. Since G5 came out, they’ve stopped playing Ranked, and most have completely stopped playing Gears.

It’s sad, but true. If you want to play & chill, join the PVE club.


“Pro Players” May I have your attention please, please cry up!


There is a high probability that these quitters may have been kicked🤔

But 5 stacks vs solos is quite dumb, no wonder quitting is on the rise.


I just enjoy playing a 5v5 where everyone plays the full game.

I guess those days are long gone.

Always gotta face a 5stack of wanna be UMG pros or quitters.



I just stopped playing. It’s the only way TC listen.

Sad cos Gears is my fav franchise and TC have just reduced my enthusiasm for the game down to dangerously low not givin a fk levels.


I also used to only play ranked in gears 4 and rarely quickplay but now its the other way about, 90% of my matches is guardian.

Ranked has no fun factor solo against 5 stacks.:disappointed_relieved:


Same here bro. I was all about this new Ranking system, one adjustment later TC made KOTH even more of a joke. You can’t cut your loses now because GP is only 1 for eliminations. The grind became super ridiculous, with quitter’s it’s even more pathetic. TC adjusted one F****** Thing and couldn’t realize so much more needs to be done. I was under the impression they can raise the caps add this and that. Makes some new criterias, etc. Go by score just so much great feedback going there way so why couldn’t they brainstorm this on there own? WTF TC love to do rework all the time?
I’m usually positive but lately with sticky walls( Done by TC with a patch) Quitters making you lose all your progress and dropping rank that affects matchmaking finally made me turn this **** OFF!


I’m really unsatisfied.

The original gp was fine. Then I don’t know why they did what they did. It really is a stupid grind.

Op3 system is at least lose points for 2 games but this is just dumb. I can pop off with real kills & it counts nothing more than a elim.

Hard because I really enjoy gears.

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Maybe try Casual? Or Co-Op VS AI?


Play Animal Crossing.


On my days that I have free time I use to want to wake up, start my day, and get my gears Grind on. Lately I’m like I’m Done.
I’m only Grinding Xp, rank games aren’t fun since I dropped from diamond to gold, matchmaking is lop sided I have silvers on my team getting wrecked by stacks. On my death screen I see what happens than immediately I see they left the game. When we finally lose. It’s like one diamond and all onyx smashing on a gold 3 and a bunch of silver’s. GP isn’t worth staying anymore and this was a talking point made by TC to entice you to stay. WTF is enticing about it? Why can’t TC see the whole picture? I just don’t understand it’s like they have Tunnel vision.



I mean when you get to onyx/diamond level, shouldn’t you be playing in stacks anyways? I don’t know how many times I have to tell people on the forums that they should:

  1. Play with friends/in a stack for ranked.

  2. Try to communicate with the randoms if you insist on solo queueing.

  3. Use LFG to find communicating/decent teammates

  4. Don’t solo queue. It’s never a good idea.

And before someone responds with “matchmaking should match stacks against stacks and solos against solos.” There isn’t a large enough playerbase on Gears 5 to have such strict matchmaking parameters. You’d be sitting in the matchmaking lobby for eternity. The queue times are long enough as it is. If you insist on solo queueing then that’s your prerogative. But do so understanding the risk that you can get bad/unreliable teammates. Don’t mean to come across as a d**k but I’m just sick of hearing people complain about getting matched against stacks in ranked.


I feel you completely. People quitting or AFK is destroying the game. Yesterday a teammate was actively not playing - shooting the ceiling in spawn and reacting to teammates shooting at him.
It is very frustrating to sit down to relax after work and have quitters waste your time and cause frustration.
I just want to have fun and play. But we’re at the mercy of people that don’t care about their impact on others.


There is a huge stack player base.

If 90% of my matches are against stacks they can make it to where you wait 3 minutes to match with another stack.

Most games do this. It’s not out of the normal.

The point is. If I match with stacks they should match my teammates at least 3 or 4 stack but I get a bunch of randoms.

Yet I get a bunch of randoms versus a stack almost all the time. A clear indication that there is a big player base that doesn’t stack.

Yet I get the randoms & not the stack.

Just makes zero sense.

At least give me 3 or 4 squads if I’m running solo if you’re gonna versus me against a stack.

& when I do stack I get versus masters & diamonds. When I have gold players as teammates/friends.

Truly frustrating .

It’s atrocious. Can’t win unless you have a dedicated 5 who play like it’s esports.