A Better Way to Shoot the Overkill for More Damage

Hey Fellow Gears. Lately when playing with a lot of random Kait’s I see too many of them spam slam the Right Trigger down as fast as they can to fire the Overkill, but there is a better way to fire it for more damage, which is why I made a tutorial video about it,
check it out, thanks.


neat stuff big guy. ill have to look into this when playing myself. thanks for the posting

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


The range of the overkill is also nice when used like this… although nerfed it still can do good damage to an enemy a good distance away.

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I knew there was s difference but i didn’t know that much.

For bosses, it’s fine to rapid fire at close range, but optimally, everyone playing kait should “feather” the trigger.

When depressing the RT button, you could actually hold your second shot on the overkill. You can roadie, mantle, wall-bounce, take cover ect till you release the trigger and unload the last part of the shot. The 4 cartridges per magazine, but in reality, it’s 8 if you use this method.

This should probably be done more in the early game since ammo is scarce. Also this strat probably makes the Overkill Stock card useless. (possibly?)


Great tutorial! Though I’m seeing less and less of this as more people are starting to get how to use Kait now, Maybe it’s thanks to your vid! I’m thinking Fahz players are in dire need of a tutorial like this from what I’m seeing on the latest hive.

Thank you for the kind words. :slight_smile:

Almost like the game tells you about that when you pick up the OVK for the first time…