A better progression system and more fair monetization

Gears 5 has the worst progression system of any shooter I have I ever played. I have put over 5 hrs into the MP (competitive) and have reached level 30. Yet, I have not unlocked a single character ignoring The Warden that I used my 500 iron on. I paid full price for the game as I wanted to support the franchise directly. However, it is somewhat unfair that game pass subscribers get the same content as people that outright bought the game.

In my opinion characters should be earned solely through progression. Whilst skins can be unlocked through challenges and MTs. The current progression system is unfair and requires excessive grinding. It’s obvious that the “grind” to unlock was done to encourage MT purchases, despite their being more fair ways to monetize the game. In my opinion more radical character skins (zombies, color blast, e-sport,day of the dead,etc.) and quest characters are what should be sold as direct purchases. Hence, I would be willing to pay $ 5-10 to play as Sergeant Johnson or Joanna Dark in Gears 5 MP. However, I don’t feel that I should have to grind or pay to unlock characters such the cog gears, RAAM and other missing staple and secondary characters.

Thoughts and opinions?