A better control scheme idea for wall sliding

Simply it works like sprint in other games. You click the left stick in once and now you automatically wall slide until you click the left stick in again to toggle it offf. Now even noobs can use the movement system. The A button is fine to stay as roadie run and evade.

Also if you hard aim then it should toggle wall slide off.

What’s the purpose? Wall Sliding/Bouncing is easy to pull off.

Its easy for people who change their control sccheme so they can movve and shoot at the same time. The casual audience does not change their control scheme. Plus having the roll and wall sliide mapped to one button is bad design and screws casuals up even more

This kinda points in my thinking why I think this might be kinda pointless. I think if the combustion of slide/roll getting in the way is not something most casuals will run into. If it’s an issue and they are more than casual they’ll just change the control scheme.

And what of people who play Roll/Slide A anyways? I play competitively and still use the standard scheme because after a decade or so of playing like this I couldn’t imagine forcing myself to play another way, roll/wall slide issues and all. So for a Casual all I think this does is make it feel weird that one game plays strangely different than others. Kinda like Judgment or 5 where they just change buttons to solve a problem that didn’t need to exist.

If you’re casual casual, I don’t see this helping because Casual players aren’t getting worked up over the niche antiquities of combat.

If you’re not a casual you’ll have either changed the scheme or like me–have learned to play with it.

Not trying to rag on the idea or anything I think more precise button-and-action prompts should be customizable down to the core of the game. Just from my POV I don’t see how this helps casuals moreso than using RB for Reload/Chainsaw totally makes the Bayonet irrelevant in PvP.

im just like you, i cant change control schemes either. Tried and it feels weird. As an exxperianced gears player, I still find myself rolling at times when i meant to slide.

So as someone who is reluctant too to have control schemes changed too, I feel like i could get used to my idea as it wouldnt even require learning. You just choose when to turn automatic slide off and on.

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Wallbouncing is simple, it doesn’t need something as ridiculous as this. It’s bad enough that Bumper Bouncers exist.

So weak. Default is the only way!


i agree, the wall bouncing is ccrazy and should be nerfed somehow. people who wall bounce repeatedly left and right should havve a stamina bar which makes their bounce more readable. or just make canceling weaker all together.

Im also a casual players then.

I remember i once tried changiing my button configuration for playing versus, then the fiirst time i played horde i couldnt use my ult, :clown_face:


Stand still. Rev the Chainsaw or ADS Gnasher and fire.

If they wallbounce around you in a poor position and you don’t react quickly, yeah. But if you hold ground and force them into an immovable wall–never seen an avid wallbouncer that doesn’t fold after that. Just can’t let their fast movements psych you out.

Mhmmmmmm nothing better than to break my analog faster than changing the main mechanic in the game to left stick

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Eh…no. Stamina bar! Jesus. I completely disagree with everything. That is nowhere near what I was meaning, I was talking specifically about controller configurations rather than the actual mechanic of wallbouncing. I’ve wallbounced for many a year now and definitely don’t want it nerfed. It’s bad enough the damage TC did with the latest Versus tuning.

….stamina bar…god almighty.

Casual? Not at all.

Men use default.


Now im confused.

In summary I refuse to be classified as part of the “casual audience” because I haven’t switched controller scheme. It’s a statement too broad and uninformed.

Ahh i see, we’re all noobs.

According to Señor Auto-Bounce, yes.

nice but nope. i use default and dont consider myself a casual. i just want a more fluid control scheme. if everyone started easily wallbouning with more fluid controls and it became annoying then stamina is just one potential solution to balance it. its a lot better than giving everyone handicapped controls that you seem so happy with.

Well in my opinion Wall-bouncing is an exclusive Gears of War mechanic and a skill to be learned based on the current available configurations.

It has also done well at being a well-known mechanic within this community yet remaining unofficial within the game itself.

Stamina bars and this automatic-slide trigger you’re proposing ruins the sanctity of that.

Especially at this stage in the Franchise. I’d place a good bet that TC learned a tough lesson from taking risks after the backlash Gears 5 received at launch.

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You do have the option already to fix that.

Also this, more of a meta kinda like how the Gnasher just emerged even though that wasn’t the intent of the design.


I love feeling included :metal:

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