99% hits Vs high ping players

When I play low pings below 50ms this is very rare.

When I play high ping 150ms+ this happens 10-20% of the time that I hit them with a point blank that one would assume should 1 shot kill them.

Why is it so inconsistent against high ping players.

I am being told that high ping players don’t have an advantage, but this seems to give them the kill 20% of the time when I should be getting it.

Please explain.

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It happens due to their connection inconsistency.

It goes both ways.



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99% hits happen to me even on bots, it’s the way they calculate damage.
High Latency just exacerbates the problem.

Players from Same region with higher ping have an advantage.

Welcome to Gears :grimacing:

Long Live Guardian!!!

I love you <3

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Client Side Hit Detection + if there’s other players when this interaction happen = guarantee inconsistency

Honestly this is getting tiring. You have made multiple threads on this subject numerous times and people have tried to explain this to you. But you don’t really care. You are basically rage baiting at this point.

This isn’t even worth a troll.

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My question is a genuine question that the majority of the player base see as a flaw that should be fixed.

So until TC address the issue, we must keep asking of course.

Do you not agree?
What is your alternative suggestion?.

Wtf :rofl:

is that the gears 5 cat edition?