99.25% eligible for promotion

Right now i am sitting at 99.25% to the next rank, but it says eligible for promotion. Has anybody else ever had that happen?

Yea you still need to play a few more games until you hit 100%. Last week I was a silver 3 in Doge Ball and I was in 99.85% and it said eligible for promotion I waited three days straight and I was still a silver 3 until I decided to play one more game and I hit 100% and my Doge Ball hit gold one. I recommended play with a full squad on whatever game mode your 99.25% in.

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If I had to guess, “eligible for promotion” means you are within 1 game of promoting to the next tier. You will still have the 100% delay period, but you can get to 100% in 1 game.

Could be totally wrong, but that’s the only way I can make sense of it.

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I’ve had that appear before and waited 1 day but it didnt promote me. You need to hit 100.00% for it to change. Play and win 1 more game and you will get promoted.

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Thanks guys