95% damage or more

This has been problematic in the gears series for quite sometime. The point blank shots with the gnasher up close should either kill you or down you. I’d say if I do 95% damage or greater; that’s an automatic down at least. Too many times has obvious point blank kills that didn’t happen alter the outcome of a game and not make versus modes enjoyable

That’s the thing, then people would complain about the one shot down.

Weapons are generally balanced in video games via damage with respect to range.

So what you are complaining about is most likely, aside from lag and other external factors, your own misunderstanding of how it works.

It would be great and much appreciated if you could provide a clip.

There is a very fine line between chunk or not, it was the same with the 83% in Gears 4.

Is it possible to shoot someone and have them walk one single step and chunk you? Absolutely.

This might help:

95% DOES NOT EQUAL 100%. People need to learn how to math.


There’s always going to have to be a dividing line between 1 shot kill/down and not a 1 shot kill/down, so this is somewhat of an unavoidable problem. That said, the rate of 95%-99% shots has definitely been greater for me in Gears 5 than in GOW 4. I think this is largely due to the GOW 4 core gnasher having much greater gib range than the Gears 5 gnasher, which is inducing me not to hold my shots long enough. That’s something I’m trying to improve on, but on the other hand holding shots also means more deaths due to latency and the opponent managing to fire before you on his game. I definitely have not found the sweet spot yet.

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Sometimes I get the opposite and do 1% in one hit or 10% in one hit.

Before anyone passes judgement, I live in a cold country! :smiley:


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I am wondering how he can wall bounce like that with default mapping of the controller??