90 minutes suspensions for lobby dissolving

No, my router doesn’t lose connection, same IP… I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING

This is beyond speechless and tolerable!!!
Either fix them or remove the suspensions!!


Edit: OK, you asked for it… This is going to escalate, repoted to Microsoft, they said will take actions AGAINST YOU THE COALITION


I do find it odd how suspensions are handed out. My primary account has been getting kicked a bunch recently. Most of the time I can rejoin. I got a 5 minute ban the other day for some reason. My secondary account almost never gets kicked from a game. Must be my connection because I jump in the car and go play at another house? Gears servers keep going downhill to the point I’ve considered taking a break…and I’m pretty tolerant of a lot of trash.

Honestly, I just really don’t care!
I’ve invested my time and my money, a large amounts of it… TC don’t deliver, no customers support, no decent multiplayer, patch over patch and now this… I just don’t care if lobbies are not stabile with overseas or wifi fluctuating players. IT’S NOT MY JOB to ask from players to buy a LAN cable to improve the quality of Ranked matches… but as suggested by Microsoft support, this is going directly to Microsoft Enforcement Team.

They just CAN’T suspend loyal Microsoft customers and Gears veterans for NO REASONS on my side.

Now, I will ask for harsher penalties for taking my time offline investigating what goes wrong, why and by whom…

I can’t decide is it criminal or just amateurism beyond imaginable.
Enforcement team will do.

Strange I’ve never had this issue.

Me neither…oh wait…I don’t play VS…perhaps that’s why

Neither have I but I did have a lot of lobby dissolves a few weeks ago that led to a suspension even though I was never the one that left.

By the way, as much as I wish something would be done you have to remember that Microsoft owns The Coalition so I wouldn’t expect anything to come of this. By now Microsoft is well aware of the issues we all experience but they’re sweeping it under the rug.

That’s the thing, even with lobby dissolving and what not, whether I back out or stay, I don’t get any suspensions …

That’s not to say people aren’t - it’s just to say I haven’t experienced it.

It’s not every time for me, but it happens. What makes the difference I can’t figure.

Suspensions should be an easy fix, if someone quits from the main menu and quits the game TC should know where the quit came from. This person gets supsended. If someone lags out, again, TC should know. They need to track this stuff so they can suspend the appropriate people. Also, I think that quitting a lobby before the game starts should not count. Yes, it’s a pain in the rear because you have to search for a game again but at least you’re not down a man. If the game has already started and someone quits from the main menu penalize that person.

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Recently got back into playing versus and got a 10 minute suspension because the entire match dissolved before the game started. Super annoying. I guess what bothers me the most is the fact that there is nothing you can do about it either.

Really if they provided a social playlist for each game type that you could then bring large parties into and play for fun (like COD, Halo, or heck even gears 3) then this wouldn’t be an issue for most. I don’t want to play ranked all the time but I’m forced to if I happen to have more than 1 friend in my group… Just insane that this game took such a step back for matchmaking queues…

The only proper way is to report this behaviour, it’s a development issue not a player’s offence. Try asking the bot here, for Microsoft representative or “chat to agent”, then pass the gamertag and suspension complaint. We just can’t be silent about this.


And definitely, I’ll pass gladly all technical analysis about lobbies, too wide network latency window with no working connection quality filters, and general deterioration of the MP part of the game from the launch date till lately. This is just too much to be tolerated.
Now I’m really pissed off.


I didn’t know 10 min suspensions existed :stuck_out_tongue:

This glitch happened to me and a couple of friends twice in a row one day. That was several days ago. First suspension was 15 mins. Then we got back in matchmaking and the same thing happened, only that time we got a 30-min suspension. Se we just gave up.
After that, I haven’t had this problem. But I still lose 40cr per match because of it.

Had it happen twice myself, but not recently. Was watching a stream the other day and it happen there with one of the players between matches. Not sure what causes it, it’s a pain on the ■■■ when it happens though. All you can to is either wait it out or switch games.

this also happened to me on friday. lobby basically dissolved, everyone was booted back out to the menu and only I was hit with a ban, 30 min too.

if TC can’t be fair with these bans then the best thing to do is just remove them. who cares if there are quitters, just queue another player to take their place.

the bans are so harsh it’s effecting legit players when ever some networking glitch happens. I almost felt like giving up when I got the 30min ban. if you can’t do it properly don’t do it at all.



We got banned for 15min after a lobby dissolved…

They can care less about us. Especially if your in NA.

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Hi just got the samething happening to me live for 30 minutes… arrrgh