90 day ban?! Please reply

I was just wondering why I came home from work and had a 90 day suspension from match making?! I will not be purchasing gears 5 if this holds. If my match history is reviewed the only times I leave a match are when it’s down to 5 v 3 and pointless to even keep playing because others quit. I never received any warnings and I never had a quit penalty between matches. Just got dished a 90 day lump sum of F U.


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So the last match I played, I stayed. Why am I on an 88 day suspension?

Perhaps they are dishing out bans based on quit history, and not just current day quitting. That or you just quit a ton before your latest game. I couldn’t tell you why unless you tell us what the biz is.

To anyone asking

Yeah, but there’s a lot of things that need to be fixed in the player suspension guidelines before they dish out a punishment that harsh. For one, some players skills that they claim we’re all equal on don’t match. So is it right for me to stay on a team of 5 when I have 1 player who isn’t even playing and 2 other people who don’t pick you up? Not to mention like 4 other people on the other connections are faster than yours because your shots are literally 1 second slower than there’s.

The fact is you are actively and consciously quitting doesn’t matter why

The answer to all of this is Yes. Ranked is a commitment.

The 90 day ban only occurs with extensive quitting behaviour - it can only build up that much if you are quitting often without consecutively finishing a lot of matches.