90 ban won't allow any match making.. can't even play horde

got a 90 ban… can’t even play horde… says I’m banned from matchmaking wtf

Wondered about this. So a VS ban gets you a total game ban?

I really would like some cocky Yank to sue someone after they bought the Console, bought the Game and bought XBL to play GOW4 but they become banned.

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I’m sure Microsoft covered the bases somewhere within their TOS. I would assume the ban would be for all online features which would include Co-Op Campaign, Horde and Versus but I’m not sure if that’s true. Either way, anything that’s using their servers is their right to ban you I’m sure. It’s harsh considering the ban is likely due to versus quitting but they want to teach an even harsher lesson.

Either way I don’t think many people will show sympathy towards a habitual quitter.


Wow that’s really harsh. You should still be able to play Horde & Co-Op vs AI.

Mind you, I bet that after these initial bans there will be an improvement.

We really don’t need more quitters in horde. There’s already too many as it is


Oh I agree 100%. If you’ll quit out of a Ranked Versus match you’ll also leave a longer Horde match. Quitters need to be stopped dead in their tracks.


dude in wing 4. I have every card and skin in the game. including black steels. I’m no quitter. I only recently started to in vs because everyone else was.

I’m not saying you are or are not. All I (we) know is 90 day bans were handed out to habitual quitters.

So unless this was a huge error, it’s fair to assume you are a habitual quitter.

There have been tons of people who “never quit” rage on here since the bans have been given out and TC have clarified in almost every case that the bans were in fact, justified.

That’s my stance, not saying you are, it just appears that way until we know the facts from TC

I’m not saying I wasn’t quiting ranked matches. the thing is there has been no penalty for a while and everyone has been quitting. it seems a little harsh to not be allowed to play anything. i had no idea this was happening. it gave no if you quit you will get a 90 day ban warning…

All I am going to say is if you quit games and left your teams mates high and dry, then you deserve the penalty!


It’s been a known fact for a very long time that quit penalties existed. They even made them harsher and mentioned it every time you start up the game under the Message of the Day. Using the justification of quitting “because everyone else does it” isn’t really justification at all and needs to be punished. While it’s possible you may not have known about it there’s no way they can be lenient to people over this excuse because it’ll be used by everyone unfortunately.

For future reference there is something called Social Versus. Based on your ban length I’d say you knew all along you’d keep quitting out of matches and screwing your team. Want to quit a ranked match because a teammate left? Wait until it gives you the option to do so in the pause menu instead of force closing the game.

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like I said I only quit games that already had quitters. don’t think it’s fun to play 5 vs 4. thanks for the support though bud.

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So they Ban you from Horde because of Quitting VS, but not ban you from Horde for Quitting Horde.

I’m sure people can say I quit Horde because blah as much as people can say I quit VS because of blah.

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Grub, I think a VS ban is easier to implement because, in Horde, you end up in no-win situations, Horde trolls, etc. When playing with randos, you often have to quit.
Maybe, they should implement a 5 wave penalty. If you don’t finish the first 5 waves at least, it counts as a quit (unless others have already quit). Might result in a big change in the way ppl play Horde. No more, “I’m going to quit repeatedly until I get the right players, with the right classes, on the right map, and they do everything I want them to do” mentality.



Or maybe ban VS for VS violations and leave Horde banning alone.

good to see the system is working as intended


That’s great. I love it.

With that said, once someone quits the rest of the team should have a forfeit option that everyone has to agree to similar to Rocket League.

But once all quitters start landing these bans your gonna see less and less of initial quitters which is great. Enjoy your break


Damn, 90 days? I hate quitters too but that is abit too harsh.

I think for every quit you should get 30 mins ban and 30,000xp removed from your account, maybe even remove credits and scrap (2000 credits and 400 scrap).

See like I said I hate quitters, but this is just going to reduce the player base even more. Just seems too harsh really.

And just to add to this abit, if your credits and scrap are already at 0, then it will go into minus 2000 credits and minus 400 scrap, if you quit again you go minus by another 2000 credits and minus 400 scrap, and so on.