9+ win streak, no points

So I decided to try TDM yesterday. I was ranked at Master 40%. I lost 1 game in a 4 stack & our random went 2-19 & I went 18-5. Needless to say we lost because of the random & I went to D3 8%. I then went on a 9 win streak to try & get my Master back & ZERO points!!! 5 MVP’s over 3,500 points. Then I lose my 10th game & shoot down to D3 35%.

Then after my 1 loss I went on a 5 win streak for 2 whole points. I’m pissed. I better get my master skin. Wasted a whole day trying to get my master back. It fuckiiiing sucks!!!

You should get your skin. TC said it is about the max rank you reached.

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Good! I was so upset. Like I wrecked 9 games so when I lost I was just so discouraged. Then I had to take a mini break…

Thanks for the info! :pray:

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