8000 point drop new record

Lost 8000 points since yesterday.

After the point freeze got swiped for 3000.

Top 1% for wins in the world yet at silver 1 getting -500 per round win.

What is wrong with your game


Today i won 10 games out of 12. Lost points every match

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Yep my points are dropping horrendously today no matter what i do. Whether i win and dominate or lose by little bit. Just losing -300 / -750 per game.

It’s beyond a fing joke

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Today, my friend and I both started out Silver 3 in Guardian. I got up to Onyx when we stopped…he was demoted to Bronze with 2000 skill points, despite the fact that he was playing well too. Seems glitched.

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I just went 17-4 in TDM, Won the match and got match MVP, and still managed to lose 527 points…WTF!!! 13 of those kills were head shots!!! What’s the point of kicking ■■■ if I’m still punished either way!!!

Same. Rank doesn’t matter at this point as I was demoted for winning most of my matches. I lose more points winning compared to losing.

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