8 "random" weapons skins: the SAME skin 8 times, haha

Lol, I played 2 rounds of Horde last night with some friends, for the new skins. I got 4 Torque Bows, one of my other friends got 4 Torque Bows…

I’m not really pissed off, I don’t care TOO much about the skins and such, but I really don’t think they have their RNG done correctly (before anyone tried to lecture me, I have a degree in math and I work with random numbers and probability theory all the time, as per my gamer tag :wink: )

I doubt they coded the random number generator themselves, but maybe how they use the numbers, maybe how they set the seed, all those are places where a coding mistake, even a subtle one, can result in what we see and have commented on so much here: “random” draws end up giving you the same element, over and over and over again… Skins, packs, etc…

Regardless of how it is, I feel the same way as others have mentioned: when I saw that 4th Torque Bow come up, I was DONE with trying for more. What’s the point? I didn’t really care which skins I got, from the available 3 or 4, but getting 4 of the same? Nah, TC, bye bye, and thanks for playing…

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Wow that sucks.
I played two rounds of horde the other day and got all four skins they were offering.
I guess I got lucky?
Just wanted to share my results. …

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4 Matches I Got:

Retro / Retro
Snub / Snub
Sniper / Snub
Torque / (then everyone quit :sob:)

Now it makes more sense. More like random every single time, seems to me it works time based or in “bursts”. Me opening 20 packs and getting 3 epics and 1 legendary while my friend who opened another 20 at the same time got 9 epics and 6 legendaries? RNG? maybe so we opened 30 more for a total of 50 each and the ratio stayed the same, RNG? yeah right. The packs were from the first week the NCOG was available.

Oh, but they have.

That’s how they still got people playing an “old game”.

Many fight against rng wall, despite having repeated cards even on paid packs.