8$ for an execution?

Is TC mad? Uninstalling right away.


Probably mad that people are complaining about it.


I want to see what the numbers are now and see how many people are playing the game still.


Should be 1-2 dollars, the store is WAY overpriced


We shall talk later when you install again.



Should be earned through gameplay. This isn’t a free to play game like LoL. Microtransactions in this industry have been getting more and more out of hand in the last 10 years.


It should be able to be earned through gameplay. But I know we’re in 2019 and that ship has sailed. That said, 8 dollars is greedy. There’s no reason why their store is overpriced. The game is 60 dollars already. They got away with it in gow4, they’ll get away with it in 5.

I guess MS doesn’t like the sales or numbers of gears 5 and are pushing it to the extreme to recoup the cost. :man_shrugging:


Some people will kill for less.


Yet players are defending this. Pay wall content in this game is out of hand


I bet TC will find some greedy way to have us pay to even be able to play Versus with the release of Gears 6.

And yet I still see a ton of people rocking those ‘half set’ $25,- Neon Wave/Hype weapon skins… :pensive: Nothing wrong with supporting a franchise you love! But not with these overpriced cosmetics.

No wonder they aren’t changing they’re prices…


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Cmon we’ve all seen this coming. They have been pushing the envelope ever since we first heard of this transactions. Dont give in to greedy developers and some day you’ll see change


Lmao how did they manage to have somthing worse than gow4 loot boxes?? At least in that game, I was able to unlock a couple good characters and good skins without spending any money. Not gonna defend the loot crates at release, they were terrible, but now they have super good drop rates and are cheaper.


$8 is a pretty good deal. Is it a Chrome Steel execution?

Way too expensive . Also “The Kait package” with all the skins it’s 19.99 lmfao a 1/3 of the price of the game when it should be like 7.99.


It is def insane. Leaving out weapon skins in packs that are 10 dollars just to make you buy another pack for 5-10 dollars to complete your set is FILTHY. That’s seriously disgusting and shameful.


I just hope that its not like the lootboxes in Gears 4. And what I mean by that is I hope people arent buying them then coming on the forums and complaining. Lets talk with our wallets people. Enough is enough


Unfortunately for every one person that says they’re not going to buy MT’s in a paid game, there’s three more that do. Not to mention all the teens and kids bugging their parents for money to buy skins. It’s sickening and disgusting but I don’t see it going away.

People can by what they want. I will not argue against that. But man are people the problem. And their own enemy. I have read people complaining about how much they spend on some games microtransactions and saying they are ridiculous. Well, they would not be there if you did not pay. I know people personally like this. And they are also the type that will complain about a game costing $60 that has 8-10 maps and a decent amount of customization. Yet they will spend hundreds upon hundreds on Fortnite outfits. Not complaining. Just pointing out that their complaining, you would think, would lead to their action.

I wonder how many are spending. Some are for sure. But is this actually hurting the game. Or, considering in the past Gears sold well but would fade quick outside of a smaller group, do they just see the game as a quick hit each time. No doubt the campaign is great outside of the glitches I have hit.

This is also true.