75% of your playerbase is from Mexico create a Sub-Forum for spanish people

Yeah lets be realistic 75% of your playerbase come from Mexico so just make sub-forum for them


Seriously. I had to explain to some hispanic dude yesterday (or the day before I dont remember) that the forum rules are english only. Felt kinda bad


This is what is happening

You open a RESTAURANT for everyone but then 75% of your clients are “spanish” then you refuse to allow them talk their language on your “restaurant” LOL…

TC the mexicans are the ones paying and keeping your game ALIVE so just give them a “spanish label on the forum”.


You could look at this on both sides.

English is known worldwide. Many Spanish already know how to speak English.

However many English don’t know Spanish, like myself. I even dated a Columbian girl who didn’t speak English.

My point is this. You have to just make things work sometimes. Life isn’t fair for everyone and no one can cattier to everyone’s needs. So with that, if the forums where in Spanish, guess I’ll get a google translate. Because if you as a person really wants something you have to do it for yourself, not make someone else do it easier for you.

Well that’s my opinion anyway.



There’s really a club like that?

That’s pretty sweet actually. Good to know.

Thanks for sharing mate.


That’s pretty racist dude


This topic remains me of: “insert the country where the player live” needs servers, or: I’m “nationality” and my ping is so bad, I want servers on my country.

I speak spanish, but I prefer forums on english. Google translate can help with writting on english if you don’t know, the same with other languages.

Knowing english can help you comunicate with most of the world, so learning and practice is always good.

Now I need to find a german forum to practice my german but in 2 more years, when I can be able to speak and write about any topic xD

That reminds me, my German is pretty rusty. I used to know quite a bit several years back.

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(Pity, Did you learn german for fun?)


Honestly should.

Nothing to lose & a huge percentage is Spanish speaking players. It’s kinda obvious… the day of the dead , Oscar , Reyna, Kate Diaz…

The locust queen being of Mexican decent … lol… TC really catered for a reason. & if it wasn’t on purpose what you expect when you have Mexican characters Mexicans will support. Just how they are.

Doesn’t mean we interact with them unless they know English.

TC has everything to gain by giving them a voice & nothing to lose.


I learned a reasonable amount for the sole purpose of understanding Rammstein lyrics.


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I hope that translates into something understandable.

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Our little mod @GhostofDelta2 modded your text, too. :roll_eyes:
I will mod his hair with my scissor! :scissors:


Me too, at least for understand “Du hast”. I played Rockband a lot and singing without knowing what I was saying was weird xD

And when my german friend went to my house and sang that song, the level of speaking german vs me who focus on getting the pitch right and did the best for trying to read german with an english/spanish tone was a real shame. I won for points but she won in real life for knowing 3 languages xD

The forum doesn’t support writting on other language? What will happen with the name of the song “Du hast”?

I guess it wasn’t a decent translation

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Noooo my one weakness


I think the name of the song is fine.

Im not sure TC really needs to have such a strict rule for English only, its something I will bring up when Dana comes to the forum mods and asks us about our concerns etc like he promised on stream a few months ago.

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Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

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Ghost ol boy, you back from your holiday?

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