7000 Day Suspension Messaging

TC, can you PLEASE change the messaging that people are receiving about being banned for 7000 days?

I would say, “we all know it just means you need to play the community service social matches,” but CLEARLY, from the sheer number of posts on this very forum alone EVERY DAY, not to mention what’s going on (assuming) on other social platforms, that message is being lost and you are freaking people out for no reason.

/rant. That is all.


My quick play was glitches out too when I got banned, rip

this is the 2nd subject tackling this … is it viral?
Me, I had a loss of sound followed by a disconnection but I was able to search for another match without being suspended … phew!
Soon a response from [Ektope] who will tell you to do quickplay and will close the topic …
In the meantime, I stop playing! :grin:

Play a minimum of 2 Quickplay Matches, earn 500 points at least in them, and it should clear.