70% Please fix this

I don’t care if every bullet didn’t hit, my gnasher is pointed directly on him. The spread isn’t correct change it back to the Gears 3 gnasher with no delay and bullets that actually shoot where the opponent is facing.
Skip to 20 seconds https://xboxclips.com/Admire+Vanity/f6a0a869-1de5-4a2f-8fe9-bc1402f6cc2c


Gotten a few of those myself. Still wondering why I haven’t smashed my monitor yet :smiley:


lol I don’t care if every bullet hit him. That’s classic

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It really looks like you shot too soon as you blasted the floor while you were still turning the corner

You shot the floor.

One thing I hate about this game is the way the animations delay things and that you have to wait for your shotgun to swing around.
Some would argue that it’s more realistic but it’s the absolute opposite because IRL you never pull a trigger until you are aimed at the target. Also, the thing where you can be too close and shoot past the is another ridiculous element I wish they’d compensate for to give it more of a true combat feel.


TC can’t design a game. They think it is intuitive that 9/10 pellets can hit an opponent and not kill, yet the opponent stands 2 inches closer and lands 6/10 pellets on me and it counts as a kill.

TC needs to stop with the pellet count to indicate damage. It’s a shotgun! You either hit or miss within a 4ft radius. There should be no in between, especially so if pellets land on the head.


You shoot a little bit to early its on the floor, See second 24,5 - 25

It’s not my fault I have to worry about lag compensation and gnasher delay. It makes the bullets incredibly unpredictable. Here’s a screenshot of where he’s looking when I die. He isn’t facing me bc of lag compensation. This is what I try to avoid by shooting early. Inconsistencies like this are killing Gears.

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It only takes 8/10. Hitting 7 will not give you the kill, unless they’re already damaged.

Nah if you only hit with 4/10 pellets, you don’t deserve the kill. There needs to be an in between. But I think the camerawork and where the bullets come out of the gun needs further improvement. It seems that the pellets don’t go where you’re aiming a lot of the time.

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Please think before you speak. :confused:
A shotgun at a 4ft distance would have such a negligible spread it might as well be a deer slug, so landing 4/10 shouldn’t even be possible, but because of poor game design choices, it can and does happen.

Please think before you be obnoxious.

You’re the one who is talking about pellets pellets pellets lol. If you’re suggesting that it’s basically a slug, you should have started with that.