7 versus maps for 3 months is going to kill this game

Yea, the main reason I think of immediately is that they haven’t been visually changed, so they know they’ll get flamed immediately by the same people in the community upset with how many return maps were in GOW4.

They should start updated them right now though and start adding them 1 by 1 even, as they finish changing the look enough to be fitting for how return maps are handled. They might be trying to save the updated versions to fill in another Operations though, hopefully not.

7 maps for versus mode is not enough. Judgement launched with 4 maps which was a complete joke.
We will now get 3 more maps compared to judgement which is not a joke, but still far from great.
We will get 4 additional maps in the next 6 months…really disappoiting.

Gears traditionally only has a handful of maps that are considered great in each game.

Launching with only 7, that’s going to diminish the number even more.

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Agreed. Things like this have killed many games off far too soon.

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We’re getting more characters in october and it wouldn’t surprise me if we got another map or two at that time.

Hey,don’t forget escapes map maker function,that could be a extra way to make the wait for new maps,easier to deal with.it something to do.

I distinctly remembered getting outvoted constantly when I tried to pick map & game type that wasn’t one of the same three over and over and over. Seriously people play/vote for a few maps and ignore the rest. It wouldn’t matter if 50 maps shipped on day 1 it’d end up the same way

FFA gnashers on custom lobby’s now full matches

Don’t think it will come anywhere near to killing this game, at least these new maps are some of the best to come out of the Coalition studio’s. New maps have been promised so we just need to be patient. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it is not killing it. The early problems and the carry over stuff from Gears 4 that I already hit in the match I got today so far is going to be what kills it.

Those that play Gears 4 still will stick around. Small group. It was small a long time ago. Running into the same people often enough I recognized their names. And we are talking pairing people of vast skill levels because it could not find people close. This is what I expect from this in short time after launch.

As for this game right now it is sad that it launched with issues just like the supposed beta test. I cannot imagine what it will be like when all the standard edition players jump on. That will be terrible for sure. I am shocked that so many of the Gears 4 players I played with always got lobby dissolved. And we are all having huge issues with connecting. Between myself and my 2 oldest sons friends lists this is a decent number of people. Getting kicked from matches and stuff.

The worst for me is that when I did get in there was some typical Gears 4 stuff that happened in the beta for 5. I hit a bot at point blank. The bot was shooting at a teammate. Well, the bot shoots and misses badly and I died. Then I hit a player with 2 shots with a gnasher, you can see with the new setup that the full shots hit, for less than 100% and the player one shots me for 100%. So I am watching a teammate, I see the enemy shoot and miss, full pellets hit the wall, and my teammate who hits them twice dies from that shot. And a player runs up and three of us are full lancer. Nope. Player rolled back and popped a shot and blows my teammate to bits. Cool but it was a distance shot that should not have done that. And they player just runs away. Teammate only got a few hits from a full mags. And it was hits on the vid.

So, I try to load the Escape stuff. But it kept telling the friend I was trying to invite they needed to connect. Showing me the player is online. And the errors trying to load. It is odd that even with that we cannot connect. That was the last person that was still on. Hell, they had trouble getting kicked from co-op campaign and stuff.

I understand a launch. But there is NO WAY they did not see this given that they did that test. Surely. Just hope they do have it ready for those that have the standard version which is absolutely much much higher than the current version that has access.

Naw, these trash servers have already killed it for me. It’s playing worse than 4 and as TC &M$ scramble to patch the game people keep getting kicked. Already tired of the maps after an hour as well. Feels really Judgmenty for me.

The server stability killed it more than the map variety

■■■■, I agree. I’m already tired of these maps. And plus it doesn’t help that NONE of the maps are all that good. I don’t hate them either. They’re just kinda whatever. The one map I HATE is asylum with that stupid ■■■ train. I don’t understand why they put random ■■■■ like this in the game. It affects the skill level of the map. You’re in a battle with someone and killed randomly by a ■■■■■■■ train? The map isn’t even that big. You have no time to get out of the way of the train. I’ve died more from the train than I have from the other ■■■■■■■ team. Didn’t they learn from Windflare Reclaimed? Damn NEAR everyone hated that map.

What about Tyro Station? image

Disagree. Gears 4 has PLENTY of maps that are good. Sure some of them are remakes, and some of them were added later but there’s tons of maps on Gears 4 that I thoroughly enjoy. Raven Down, Checkout, Mercy, Blood Drive, Canals, Fuel Depot, War Machine, Security, Clock Tower, Avalanche, Foundation, Diner, Reclaimed, Hotel, Old Town, Relic, Rust Lung, The Slab. All at least good to great maps.

Damn, when you really look at it, thats a crazy amount of decent maps.

I agree, the gow 4 maps were mostly good maps. I really hope the Gears 5 maps will increase because the 2 testserver maps were boring.