7 versus maps for 3 months is going to kill this game

if there really is going to be only 7 maps in versus and no more coming until december, its gonna get stale very fast. at least add some old maps to the mix. i mean there are 4 or 5 gears 4 maps but they are only playable in private. that makes absolutely no sense. if we have to wait till december then it has to be a bunch of new maps. like 4+ because 7 is too few. way too few.

gears 3 and 4 had 10 maps at launch and 4 added new maps monthly. this is just ridicolous that this is “the biggest gears ever” and in the same time the smallest gears game ever. because lets be honest, most of the people play versus the most.

MORE MAPS before its too late, if the game has this few maps for this long, its too late to add couple more in december because its already dead.


It’s not going to kill this game.


7 great VS maps will provide enough for people for 3 months.

If the maps are not that good, then it may become a problem.

I’d rather wait 3 months and get great maps then get half a million reskins and remakes now *cough Gears 4 *cough.


Honestly, we really only had a few maps in Gears 4: Checkout, Blood Drive, Gridlock, Raven Down, and Foundation


Id rather 7 new maps than 10 with recycled maps in the mix

Also no Gears game was adding 4 new maps monthly. Gears 3 had map packs that came out every couple months or so with just a handful.

Look at what we got with Gears 4. 2 maps a month seem to be too much and we got a ton of remakes and remixes, I’d rather have quality over quantity


there is no harm in remakes or old maps either. its good that theres 7 NEW good maps but i dont understand why cant they add some of the old ones too just so it doesnt feel so grindy playing the same maps over and over. not to mention that theres probably gonna be a lot of new players who didnt play the previous gears so theyre not “old” maps for them. theyre in the game already! but locked in a private playlist! they could make the versus much bigger with literally 0 effort. just unlock the gears 4 maps. please Coalition

This is EXACTLY what Gears 4 was for its entire existence

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Afternoon mate.
Valid points, I was wondering what the sweet spot would be ?
For me, maybe a “map pack” comprising of 3 ( minimum) maps every 3 months. With maybe a 2-1 split between new and legacy.

Story DLC
Maybe in Jan-March.

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If Core tuning didn’t kill this game then neither will the maps.


It won’t kill nothing.

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There’s no Core tuning.

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The weapon tuning in Gears 5 is much closer to Core than Competitive so it might as well be called Core.

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It’s single tuning. But not worth mentioning for Gears 5.

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Most of the people play versus most? What?

I’m pretty sure a small fraction of gears players ever touch versus.

But to your point, I wish the older maps were available for ranked play too at launch but it’s not a deal breaker for me. I’ll be absorbing a lot more from the game besides the map I happen to be playing on.

For me, there seems to be so much content in this game that it’ll keep me pretty busy til December even with 7 versus maps.

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If maps are part of Operations, wouldn’t we get some for this current Operation also, or are some of the 7 part of this first Operation?

in my understanding the launch is the first operation and the next starts in december and then will drop more content. still a little slim on maps for 3 months imo


Canals, Lift Apex, Foundation, Raven Down, Maybe Reclaimed and that’s about it.

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Yea, if that’s the case, it’s really bad then. Starting with 7, I’d expect them to do at least 1/mo so we’d have 10 come December. To not do any, and have us wait until December is pushing it. They should have just added the 5 GOW4 to public rotation then, or update them ASAP and add them.

this is exactly my thoughts. the gears 4 maps are already in the game but locked. makes no sense. even though they are old maps they give variety over the too few new maps.


Might as well add them in tbh.