7 new characters in Operation 4?

Yep. He says that the multiplayer characters are the same assets as the ones used in the campaign, so I think by “shipped with 66 characters” he means “shipped with 66 character models in game that we can turn into multiplayer characters”. At least, that’s the only way it makes any sense.

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No he means if you spell out the hero names there are 66 characters


That would probably just destroy half the map and kill the framerate if a Riftworm suddenly loaded in all at once.

I would be surprised if they could even push out that many without supporting this game for 5-6+ years.

how many skins did Gears 4 end up with?

This is so true, guess we’ll find out next week.

I do hope they finally realized they cannot continue withholding content on the excuse of “cards for the hero system”.

I never counted.

If we’re talking skins by themselves, Gears 5 could have a lot more of them. But if you’re talking characters proper like Lizzie, Kait, JD, I don’t know if the awful “hero” approach TC has taken will ever make that many individual characters appear. Maybe, maybe if you combined Swarm/Locust and COG together.

Don’t start with that BS again. It was NOT funny last time and it still freaking isn’t.

What, you want me to use some other words you can jump on for your shenanigans? Sorry, not going for it. Try to find someone else for it, this is the wrong person for that.

So what’s incorrect about that word? Explain yourself. Your ways are a mystery at best.

Jim Carrey was expressing my disappointment at your lack of appreciation and walking away from the thread :cry:

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I wasn’t here for jokes about sexuality or whatever. I rarely have any interest in those, and they often are just really stupid at that.

IMHO 4 hero’s or more at once is crazy.

Limit it to two heroes, but drop another two about a month in.

Horde would be better off unless all the heroes have a good mix of skills (meaning a new engi, dps, etc).

Or just “Last hope for this game”

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I mean A, B, and C Carmine all have the same voice actor so that would be the only reason I could see them all overtaking Priority over Paduk and Oscar. Also they could still just be skins for Clay if we’re being honest but were put as their own just to help this guys slide presentation (hope I’m wrong about that though)

I don’t know who likes drip feed though.


Coma patients


Maybe coma patients…but I think it’s highly disruptive to public and custom lobbies when too many people are trying to level up. It only works at the start of a game.

This is how it will be…someone, probably 4 out of 5 in a lobby will want to play Cole. Arguments ensue. Then people quit and go to different lobbies only to do it again. People will be trying to free ride a high level lobby. Much worse when new heroes arrive than even 4x character xp.

Hope I’m wrong.

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