7 New Challenges Released


“OSOK Horde”? Interesting… If I were to take a guess, this mode will force players into the Sniper class and start with the Longshot and possibly Markza as weapons, and all enemies will be Swarm Snipers and Deadeyes…?

And “Complete 3 Matches of OSOK Horde” - what does that mean? Clear all 25/50 consecutive waves three times?


Where did this come from?

Anyone ever feel like they follow the forums to stay informed, yet know less than people who don’t?

I’ve always thought TC communicates so poorly I’d be better off watching streamers.


thats from true achievements


That’s the story of these forums.

I’ve made plenty of friends here but I’ve been considering logging out for good because the information we receive is lackluster at best. Apparently I need to create a Twitter account to stay on top of things.


I like the idea of talking to the community on a message board like this on relatable subjects and info about the game. I Don’t usually expect Devs to browse forums but I completely understand why people would be upset if this is something they wanna push towards. Stop splitting your fans up into different groups! Having people use twitter instead of their forums? I only use twitter for pornstars man.


Completely agree with you, I feel i get the information last by just using the forums. You’d think they would update their own forums first.


OSOK Horde :eyes:

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Also known as OSOK inconceivable massacre

We’re all gonna cry


Is this from the TA app? I’m not seeing it at https://www.trueachievements.com/game/Gears-of-War-4/achievements

That’s right, Facebook sucks! :joy:

5 snipers with lvl 6 Called Shot…even on Incon that seems a little easy :smile:

Have you ever played incon?

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Hahaha! Touche my friend😂

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Without decoys and without sentries (not enough money without a scout and engineer to maintain either of these two approaches) it will be interesting… Especially if we get regular enemies, with flyers…

5 snipers with the right cards on incon shouldn’t be that hard

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That’s what I just said😂

It’s gonna be the same as Boss Rush: Radar Ping+Called and Sniper Strike

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Now these are challenges I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into!


I see them. Click on “Challenges” in the bar above the game title.

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