7:26 am MST 9-7-19 and this game is still a broken mess!

I am not wasting my time playing this bug riddled game until a full patch is released. I have to say that the game worked fine (campaign) up until Act 1 Chapter 3 and the multiplayer has never worked for me. I have played 1 online game in it’s entirety and the rest of the time I get booted from the lobby after 5 minutes of waiting on a match.

What happened to me on Act 1 Chapter 3 is the AI companions froze in place and eventually I froze and had to restart the game. Once I got to Act 1 Chapter 4, all my collectibles from chapter 2 were gone and eventually all of my collectibles went to zero. It’s not just collectibles though, the game is showing I’ve only played 2 minutes when I actually played 3 hours. The stats are 100% wrong, saying I have 66 kills in the campaign when it’s more like 200+ kills.

Stop defending this game and all the issues because of the servers! It’s not just the servers that is making this campaign a broken mess to play through. THIS GAME IS ABSOLUTLEY RIGHT UP THERE WITH ANTHEM AT LAUNCH AS THIS GAME IS UNPLAYABLE BY MOST IN IT’S CURRENT STATE.