6X XP weekend starting today. Get those reups, bros

Your not the only one mate. I literally planed my whole weekend when I found out. I was so excited(small things excite me)

That ship has sailed long ago mate.


(As Clayton says it)

Annoying. I’m in the middle of reup 34 and I was going to truck on through to 35 tonight. Only got about 25 levels done before it went away.

Same…I guess I’ll have to spend this weekend with my wife and kids!:sob:


6x XP for whole month TC for this outrage!

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Bhahahahaha that’s exactly what I’m doing…oh wait :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Honestly they made levelling such a tedious climb, i stopped caring.

I like signing in and cole being the character as the background for the main menu with my level stuck at 83.


Mine says 212% now.

Mine had +300% now its +100% again.

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Though it was, this is now not, and so is inaccurate.