6X XP weekend starting today. Get those reups, bros

Just letting you all know. Lethal Engagements all weekend, baby.


Maybe not Lethal Engagements for me, I like some gameplay with my gameplay - but hooray for XP boost!

Oh I definitely plan to mix it up. Can’t grind those First ribbons for more than an hour or two before I start wishing I could trade places with the Sniper at the beginning.

Yep the grind starts today. Thank you TC!

Don’t waste your time unless TC confirms that the XP carries over once the XP-requirements are introduced.

Of all weekends, this is the one I go off on a trip. Of course they’re having a 6xp weekend.

Well I just want reup 40 really for the achievement. Reup 36 at the moment so shouldn’t be too hard with this 6x xp.

My XP boost went away. Anyone else’s go back to 100%?

Yep it’s gone now!

Where did they announce a XP boost weekend?

Never did. A typical TC BS and now it’s gone.


It’s great that they don’t even acknowledge anything and just take it away

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I was excited this morning when I found out as only 4 reups away from where I want to be…oh well disappointment is not something I’m not used to with TC.

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So dumb, was 11 away from hitting re up 40, oh well. Maybe they were planning a xp weekend for the near future and it accidentally went live today.

Yeah, I’m reup 47 level 90 and was ready to max out this weekend when I found out this morning at work

Ah, I see. I saw the XP as 6x and I was happy for a second, looked online, I didn’t see anything.

Did my horde challenges and saw the 6x went back to 2x. I just figured they accidentally put 6x instead of 2x.

They did this once with a Gears 5 advertisement on the Xbox dashboard. It said Gears 6 instead of Gears 5 :smile:

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I lucked out then as I started grinding immediately. Now re-up 31

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Damn, and here I was thanking TC for doing something nice out of the blue for us, only to have it taken away. WTH is going on???



WTF TC??? You couldn’t just leave it up? That’s how you build up good will with the community!