66 Gigabytes! What?!

■■■■ sort of update is 66 gigabytes!

I have turtle speed internet! This ■■■■ is going to take days!

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Wow, really? Mine was 11GB.


Mine was 11,67. What console are you using?

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Looks like you got a complete re-install. My patch was 11 GB.
It’s an Xbox bug that’s happened to me with the Halo: MCC and Halo Wars 2 in the past.

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I’m using a One S.

Good god! Modern Warfare even only ever had 30 gig updates!

This is outrageous!

Why am I the only one having such a damn large one?





Happens to me of all people, with the most ■■■■■■■ WiFi possible.

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@HerrKatzchen I assume I’m not missing much anyway?

My internet crapped out on me, I’m getting 10Mbps max today. I won’t be able to play til later anyway. Could be worse. Took two days to install the game, then a four gig update yesterday, followed by 14 gigs today for the actual update. (I’m on PC) You got a full reinstall.

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I’m getting 1.5 mbps… 1.5… this’ll take days man.

Disappointment and infinite potential for anger. Not much else.


My update is giving me an error and i will probably have to reinstall the whole game for it


Well I didn’t get all the changes made for my custom map yet, so I wouldn’t bother playing it.

Ah well.

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I’m on PC, I didn’t feel my game updating and now I’m ready to go :smiley:

Reboot your console before you delete and re-install it. Sometimes it’ll work then.

I don’t think you’re missing all that much. The Tour barely even has anything good in it despite having less coin rewards than the one in Op 4.


Lmao. Wonderful.

At least I can run for score on older hives now. I never got a chance to do nearly all of them

I sure don’t think the Tour’s worth much. No character skins I have any interest in using, more coins I don’t yet know what to do with, and yet another General reward that not only looks ugly as sin but also is only good for the Versus players, again.

The Level 20 Venom skins for classes don’t even look good either. It’s just gold ornaments on white metal or whatever filled with green slime that doesn’t resemble the lethal venom gas beyond its color.


nah i reset my computer and i still have an error so i will have to cancel it which will automatically uninstall the game


Mine’s 14, but it’s taking forever. Plus, Windows Store is having errors again, forcing me to check and restart the download over and over, otherwise it will stay stuck not downloading. This has happened before when Gears 5 updated. Probably won’t be able to play until tomorrow at earliest. Times like these make me wish I’d went with Steam instead.

Yeah that’s what it looks like. At least I know it’s not just my ■■■■■■ internet. It’s the damn Windows Store. You don’t have to cancel. Just keep clicking that restart button, eventually it will restart but it’s super slow and frustrating as it needs to check all the product files over again.