60,000 exp grind

The character grind could be made more fun if the 60k exp grind was removed, or exp earned per match was increased. Even with double exp earning 60 k exp per unlockable character is tedious. Additionally, I think completing metal challenges should give exp bonuses.


Agreed, but since it’s to get us to buy boost, I doubt it’ll change.

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The coalition will feel pressured to change the tour of duty and unlock system based on player retention. MS measures game success based on engagement,

Microsoft of War 5 featuring The Co. TC isnt pressured, when the suits come in they run the show. :joy: Not funny tho cuz this game made me get back on CoD.

Sure, but there’s a whole forum thread of people who swore not to pay a dime to TC, saying how they bought the package with the characters included. If they were willing to pay, I’m sure loads of people not on the forum also thought it a better deal to pay twenty bucks to not have to grind. So why change something that’s pushing people to fork over more money?

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A good amount of people paid for new characters. However, generally speaking only a minority of players ever buy MTs ( and additional content). For big changes to come to Gears 5 progression and unlocking system the playerbase needs to drop. Oddly enough, Phil Spencer mentioned concerns over Gears 5’s economy a few months ago.