6 out of my last 8 matches

Game’s working fine, these people are just quitting because random reasons, never mind the fact that not even the FG community rage quits this hard.

That was sarcasm TC, can you guys maybe hire someone that knows what the ■■■■ they are doing?

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I’m just jealous your in a match tbh.

But on a serious note, this is why I never used to play unless in a 5.


I dont think so many people are actually willingly quiting, eveything about the game that relies on communication is busted.

The solution is to play in a 5 stack… so you can sit in the “searching” screen all night without finding a match. :joy:

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What can TC do when their playerbase is full of degens that quit lol?

I’ve been booted out of a match due to buggy servers maybe 2-3 times ever, and that was only when there were known server issues at the time. I doubt these people aren’t willingly quitting.

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