5xp event not working

anyone else having this same issue, it was working yesterday and now it isn’t…


Was getting 900%, about 30 minutes ago it said 500%, now it says the usual 100%.

They probably tried to fix it and screwed something up.


yea im only getting 100% now

I can’t even be mad at The Coalition for this kind of stuff anymore. It’s just standard nowadays and is met with a weary sigh and shake of the head.

Well, I need to go cook dinner anyway so that’s enough GOW for me for a few hours.


It was supposed to be a 500% event not 900% then ?

same here.

I demand that they extend the 900% XP by one day because I didn’t get to make use of it at all yesterday as I had work and family engagements. They should understand. It’s only fair to me.


They must have the record by now for having the most unstable XP events in a game’s history right? Anyone signed them for Guinness World Records yet?

Jk, but I’m actually not surprised they were going to fix it eventually (and break it in the process).


Me too, pfff the coalition…

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Same here. Started up today just 40 minutes ago to see if the 10x was still working, was sad to see it was hotfixed but was still getting 5x at least. Then literally several matches in I only started getting regular boost again.

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They should’ve just left it the way it was, but noo they gotta try to “fix” something. Then break it, only to be needed to “fixed” AGAIN…

This is just sad (but hilarious) to watch them fail and f**k up every time.


To be honest, it is kinda amazing at this point, that everytime they update something they break so much more lol.


Just did some escape, only 260% bonus XP.

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But people were getting too much xp! How could they stand by and let that happen?

I called off work and I am not ashamed lol.


Yeah, it went from 900% to 500%, then down to 300%, and now I just have 100% (I have boost). Don’t want us to get too much XP. Gotta keep us on our toes.


True gear :heart_eyes:

They doing lottery xp like halo reach credits :sob:

I lucked out because while my job doesn’t get Labor Day off, all the trucking companies that deliver to us do, so all I’d be there for is inventory management and desk work. And I was like, “nah, I’mma stay home.” Helps when you never ever call off work any other time. They pretty much have to say yes when you finally do. :sunglasses:

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Shame about them trying to nerf the xp though. I called it in the weekly thread that they’d try to squirm their way out of 10x xp.