5x XP starting tomorrow (11th June)

Didn’t see this posted here.

Full info is available in the MOTD in Gears 4.

Time to grind for those wings!


Im hoping to get to my next level of wings :slight_smile:

Nice. That’s a good boost

Good timing too considering the Horde and Versus challenges start tomorrow for those Studio skins.

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I’m not massively into the Microsoft Studio Weapon Skins, I’d nearly always prefer Default anyway.
I like how there’ll be 5x XP anyway, trying to get as much Horde done as possible for Outer Wilds Kait before I move onto another game.
Levelling up faster means getting Bonus Credits sooner from levelling up. :slightly_smiling_face:
Does anybody know when these end or removed from Store, end of week?

Why TF is there is no thread here, announcing it? This is the “official Gears of War Forum”, isn’t it? I"m soooooo sick and tired of this “go to Twitter”, "go to MOD’, etc nonsense… THIS is the forum, It doesn’t have to be the ONLY place, but all announcements like that should be included here, with the details…

I want to know: what play modes does it cover? Versus? Horde? Private Horde? Public Horde? etc? Really, is it too much to ask to have new things announced on the official forum, in a way that’s easy to see and fine?

This new forum format is crap, IMO… YMMV


I would guess it cover all game modes.
If you still haven’t found the link,
I wish they’d announce when it also ends too.

Congrats on winning a raffle yesterday :+1:

Should get wings 3 this week now


Perhaps I’m too early, but so far every match I’ve played is normal XP. That includes TDM, KotH, Blitz and Escalation.

You are indeed too early.

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Thanks. I was shocked.

Wish they said what time (and timezone) it starts and ends, I guess similarly to previous XP boosts? So not for another 6 hours at a guess.

I’ll be Wings 4 by Friday but I doubt I will go any higher

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I’m assuming the multiplier doesn’t kick in til 10am PT

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Yeah, as always, should be 6pm UK Time.

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Isn’t usually 1pm EST or 3pm EST?

Yeah, 1pm EST.

So Hyped going to get to Re-ups out of this maybe 3 just going to smash Horde for loads of XP

Hopefully this will improve public Horde. Does it start 6pm gmt or has it already begun?