5v5 Or 4v4 WHY NOT BOTH

Is TC even thinking of the idea of 5v5 again?
4v4 is okay for competitive play, but I just want some fun chaos sometimes. I think KOTH would definitely benefit from 5v5.

I feel like I’m wandering in a ghost town looking for people to shoot at in game… #REGENCY

Let me know if y’all have any thoughts or info on this.




The idea behind 4v4 was to make the game more tactical.

Which didn’t happen.

The people who came up with these ideas should be fired and barred from ever touching a gears games again.


anyone want to make a bet that 5v5 returns in Gears 6?

100% will. They learned nothing from 4, so why would they this time?

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it should’n’t have been taken out in the first place


But then what about the solo players playing against 5 stacks


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i still don’t get why people cry over stacks, ranked you’ll find stacks and sometimes you won’t, nothing is stopping people who aren’t playing in stacks to win a game, I’ve done it many times, stacks doesn’t equate to automatic win,


I thought you can 4 stack as well?
I mean, if you can do it then it shouldn’t matter if you add the 5th guy too.

I’ve had games where stacks stomps the enemy team, but I’ve also had games where randoms crush a stack. I think that having stacks is a good thing for the community, I understand too that stacking is not the best for Ranked. But I mean cmon, ranked in Gears doesn’t mean much.

I feel like TC Is focusing so much on making the game a esports intense competitive shooter. When really, if you make a good game with good mechanics, the game itself will make a esports scene.

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Agree especially when they restrict team sizes, like i dont see the point in this. All it does is stop people playing with friends.

U can, guardian, social tdm and ranked koth. 5 v 5 is better though

Its really bad playing social tdm in a 4 stack, other team is always full of below average players and they always get stomped, tonite we had 1 player who would corner camp and chansaw people, they came top of their team with 4 kills.:yawning_face:

5v5 is perfect

4v4 is a bore



this is the thought process right?

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People are just upset about 4v4 because there is one less person to carry them



dam my boy, stop changing your gamer pic. I’m having trouble keeping track of you


If they just let us have forum profile pictures I’d have more options
finding a 1080x1080 picture isn’t easy man

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Not really, some of us just like having bigger battles. Is that a problem?

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No not really because the post was satire.

So you expect people to know that when you make it look serious? :thinking:

Well its a ridiculous claim so yeah sorta.


Well I guess that’s partly my fault. Most of the people who post here are the same guys n gals and we normally know who to take serious and who not to take serious so my bad for assuming squire

For example @TC_Clown this guys post should never be taken serious
he’s a big dumb dumb

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I mean, what you say isn’t wrong