5OO% boost today? Bug or Intension?

Got 500% xp after Horde. Was this announced somewhere?? I


Yeah I want to know as well, I will certainly take advantage of it.

Say what now? If this is true lets… :shushing_face:

Shh! Pipe down! They don’t have a Community Manager right now so let’s just make use of it!


Did a few quick Matches, and yes Its 500%!!!

Ugh here go with another fake news thread :smirk:

Can the OP change the post title please? :wink:

FYI - I think it’s actually x2 XP. I have Boost, so I presume this is factored in? So 100% is the standard base XP, so the extra XP is 400%, so halve that and we have 200% as the main extra, and Boost will double that.

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Title changed, sir. And yes Its with boost

Goddammit I’m at work.

Someone play for me.

I think this is only for people with boost, unless someone without boost can say otherwise. No boost here whatsoever lol.

Edit: I remember seeing a tweet about them updating something, and it would cause disruption to the leaderboard. This might just be a side effect to whatever they are doing.

I played a match and got normal XP and I dont have boost.

Please buy my artificial number booster for my video game. I am very poor and need more money to buy more koi carp for my piano shaped pool.


Pretty likely that it’s not intended then.

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I just finished a master 50 wave horde about an hour ago and it was 164% boost……

Mystery Boost Theater I guess.

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It may be that this Boost boost started at 10:00PST / 18:00 GMT, and you started the game before the XP boost started so they only applied it to this segment of time?

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ok, Jack is about to spend some time floating around, cloaked…


That sounds both unbelievable and also believable with all things considered.

It’s wild out here in the G5 streets.

He gets home to find he’s been banned :joy:


It would not surprise me.

“Here’s your ■■■■■■■ Hivebuster Anya. Now get the ■■■■ out.”

I’m actually still locked out of the Gears Discord despite never talking there, fun fact.

No boost for me :cry: oh well.