-500 points for stupid AAA studio

You call your self AAA studio?


This is so sweet😍

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I’m trying to figure out what the problem is?

Because you lost 2-0?

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I think he’s saying he received -500 ranking points. His score places him 7th in the match so I’m guessing the ranking system expected a much better performance. I haven’t played ranked in ToD 2 so don’t know if this is typical for this type of result.

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Maybe. I still don’t understand why his poor performance is any fault of the studio however.

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Well they made the game which gave him -500 so

Yeah but he’s the one who lost a game 2-0 so…

If anything I’d blame the teammates for not carrying him as needed.

Think of op as this guy


You did just a touch above the winning team’s last place player? 7th place out of 10 participants is not good… If we all gained points for losing 2-0 and coming in 7th place, pretty sure 95% of the population would be rocking Masters lol


TC isn’t a AAA studio
They are a indie mod community at best

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Look at my team score last to boys

Looks like they beat you.

I don’t know what the problem is supposed to be. You got beaten, and your team did way worse on average than theirs.

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Now I could understand this if you lost 2-1 and got MVP and lost that much but this? Nah