50 waves of horde, then error message

Just spend about 3 hours playing 50 waves of horde (trying to level up lower level characters). At the end, we all got an error message. No points toward leveling up in general, no level up of character, no cards, no credit toward daily objectives (I have 2 objectives for drone elite kills), no credit toward totem, nothing.
This is the glitchiest game in so many ways. I got xbox years ago to play gears 2. I’ve played every gears since. I got seriously 4.0 in the last one. FIX THE GAME or I’m done.


same here… even got a new guy on to play… did 50 waves of Horde… he got the achivement, but none of us got points, cards, or xp tpwards character level up…wtf.

Extra frustrating because one of my daily objectives was 2 executions and I did that right off the bat. It didn’t pop that I got it, but I assumed I just missed it. But that indicates that from the start of the horde, it was broken. There is no line of code to either fix itself or crash right then if it’s not recording stats. It waits 3 hours and 50 waves later to be like, I’m, yeah, I haven’t been recording your credit for any of this. I’d rather it crash at the end of wave 1 than 50

I only got 5 eliminations from Marcus out of 20… for 50 waves… but when playing the 50 waves i did get the pop that i got 20 eliminations… just played another 10 waves and it popped again. i hope Gears gives us the points and cards for the 50 waves we all just played, or else the free boost doesnt mean a thing.

Just checked - still got nothing. I think at this point that data is lost.

Ya it’s happened to me in the past as well. Very frustrating.

Really frustrating to have hapen. that is alot of work for me and to do it for nothing does not make me want to keep playing this game.