50 Waves Horde on Vasgar

Finished 50 waves on Vasgar last night on Advanced difficulty, I figured I would share how we set up.
Modifiers: No Fail, Increased damage from enemies
Used a looking for group to find 2 players to join the 3 of us that had played together before.
Marcus (lvl 10?), JD(lvl 8), Jack(lvl 9?), Del(lvl 14), & Kat (lvl 5)
We set up at the top of the big staircase near initial spawn (Arrivals).
Eventually had 2 barriers and 2 sentries on each of the 3 stair cases as well as 2 weapons lockers.
It was helpful that we deposited most of the collected energy into the Fabricator to be used on fortifications.
I only upgraded my perks to lvl 2 throughout the first 40 waves, went lvl 3 once it was obvious we had plenty of energy for fortification maintenance.
We ignored the power taps that showed up each 10 waves, they spawned well away from our base.
The tri-shot seemed to be the standout weapon, a chryo cannon was also kept handy for freezing wardens, a snatcher, and a matriarch that would get to the base. Salvo’s were also useful.
Marcus received some kind of damage bonus when using the tri-shot, not sure which card or perk achieved this.
JD gave GL Lancer to Del, then died to respawn with a new GL Lancer.
After wave 20, it was best to stay in the base. After wave 30, if someone went down out of the base it was best to leave them down until only a few enemies remained.
It was helpful to be right next to one teammate during later waves to pick each other up multiple times during each wave.
The bosses were: Carrier, Flock, Matriarch, Snatcher, Carrier

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