50 wave horde achievements help

Anyone need antother player for hord? Im looking 4 a team to click of achievements with. Im in GM -5 time zone i have : lvl 10 soldier with Active Reload boost lvl 6, Assult Rigle dmg 6, grenade dmg 6, gernade plant 6 , gernade capacity 6 cover boost 6
Sniper lvl 10, head shot dmg 6, perc rifle capacity 6, called shot 5, perc rifle dmg 6, explosives head shot dmg 4 , sniper strike 4

Do you need the map dam?

No i have season pass

I meant do you need to do wave 1-50 on dam.

Sorry yes, i need waves 1 -50 on all …everyone keeps quitting

Okay I’m down to do down add me gt is same as name.

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