50 eliminations in Horde as Padua

Is anyone else able to get kills to register? I’ve tried this several times. I was playing Horde with my son, we were in custom with bots. I killed 2 people who were glowing purple, They didn’t register. I tried playing alone, didn’t register. What’s going on with this achievement?

It is bugged and there’s been a ton of threads about this whole matter already. TC is aware. Wait for a fix.

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Search Paduk medal bugged in the search function and you will see it.

I’m going to start counting the number of threads on this subject because it’s funny.


I wouldnt bother, i tried but they wouldnt register

If anything it will be funny for me at least.

Then again it may become tedious if TC dont fix this quick.

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More chance they will simply remove\change the medal
Cause its easier😒

It is a known issue, we are waiting on a fix from TC. It is currently unobtainable.

In future please use the search bar as this has been answered many times previously :slight_smile: