5 x xp 1 year anniversary

5 x xp and 1 year skins in store free.

Skins give an error code


So… Is that it? Nothing else for people already re up 50 who don’t care about XP anymore? :confused:

I wish I could have wORKout Fazh man hahahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Exciting week ahead!

According to Twitter it’s 6x XP (technically 3x, but is 6x with Boost which we apparently get for the weekend anyway); Boost for the weekend; and a weapon set. I haven’t had a chance to look at the Store yet though.

Looks like they messed it up again like they did with the double xp last month…

Boost is only giving 400% more xp, versus play list shows 5x xp.

Is this an error and should it be 6x xp?? @TC_Sera

Looking into it


It was giving me that error and I waited 30 minutes and it gave me the skins.

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Fixed already? Getting 500% now.

Was just coming back to say it that the fix went in on both XP and Skins.

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Closing as these are fixed