5 stack still plays against solos?

I can’t see how this is even fair for solo players.

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If people actually communicated it wouldnt be such a big deal.


The problem lies in the fact no one uses a mic when the solo queue. I’ll have mine in and ask if anyone has a mic and the crickets chirp. Or you get that person blaring music over their mic.


On the original Xbox, nearly everyone online spoke.

It carried on during the early years on the 360, then party chat ■■■■■■ it all up. Along with an few other causes.

They should make it, if you’re in a rank match, everyone defaults to game chat.


I don’t mind. Half the time, we trounce them. Sure, the times we get trounced can be painful, though, especially if they’re taunting in chat, repeatedly downing the last guy, or t-bagging. Still, those times when we take down the 5-stack as silent randoms can be very rewarding. So there’s a trade-off.

I kinda like that idea. Then maybe we wouldn’t have to forced into ‘ones and two’s’ to play ranked TDM and who knows what other mode next. All teams would have the same opportunity. It’d be up to them to seize it.

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Yes, all the time in Onyx and above.
Not only that, they one time put a stack of 5 diamonds up against 2 duos and myself playing solo. We had 1 diamond among us and 1 gold

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It’s tough, I normally write on the game chat anyone got a Mic?

I actually was playing with my buddy & we were talking trash to two guys on the other team. They invited us to a party and I was expecting to continue talking some smack but we actually all squared up and played for 2 hours.

It was a cool call back to the pre party chat days on GOW1.


This is going to happen in every competitive shooter. There are always going to be squads playing together, especially in a team based game.

I don’t the solution here is trivial. If they modify matchmaking to make sure stacks only play against other teams with a party of, say, 3 or more people, then matchmaking times will surely increase as a result. If they implement a playlist where the match must consist of only be solo/duo queues, then they’re fragmenting the community even further.

I personally don’t think this is an issue, considering the nature of the game and how team-based play will generally trump individual skill; however, I think if they moved Gears back to 4v4, solo queues may be not as devastating sometimes.

Assuming the ranks represent player capability to some degree, it should be easier to get teammates of similar skill, which could also help out.

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I like this idea for the most part. It should be like this until you reach maybe Onyx 2 or 3. After that it shouldnt matter. You cant be a diamond or master player without going up against everyone

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Lmao this is what my matches look like an we lost both waste of my damn time before the match starts
F.y.i people i play with dont even speak english half the time an if they do they are on west coast or uk

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It’s trash.

The worst part is a 5 stack above onyx just desperately cross.

I don’t mind crossing but a stacked cross is stupid. They swear they’re going to get money.

All it is.

I’d say let 4 & 5’s go against other. They can wait since they chose to be lames.