5 Scrap for 1-20 on horde: Experienced is this a bug or is this normal?

2 persons left after wave 20 ended got 4 or 5 cards out of it but only 5 scarp

They probably got a dupe from the supply box you sometimes get that was worth 5 scraps. I could be wrong but I don’t think horde directly gives you scrap.

You don’t get scrap. You got a duplicate card that was auto scrapped.

With Del I have Ingenuity lv 5 and 32 cards is this a bug?

Edit: Just played lv 1 Marcus 1-10 horde:Experienced gave me 20 scarp (Del is lv 17)
Edit #2: Del lv 17 1-15 horde:Experienced gave me 150 scarp (note: everyone left this wave)