5 min game clip only records for 4-10 seconds

I know this is more of a general Xbox question, however, it may be related to gears so I thought I’d ask if anyone has any issues recording gears game clips on Xbox one s?

I was coming down the enemy hallway on blood drive after our leader was killed in guardian and found a planted frag on the floor near their staircase so thought I’d stand and wait for someone to run by it as I blow it up. Of course their leader does and I get the kill. I mean of COURSE I want to record this but my 5 min game clip is 6 seconds long.

I look back at my other clips and they’re all like this too. In fact if I’m not mistaken some of the longer ones are gone.

Hopefully this is something simple and someone knows the solution? My first thought was I’m running out of hard drive space but I’ve got 200+ gigs left. Do the game clips record onto a separate partition or something?

Edit: it doesn’t matter what duration I set the clip for, it will only record under 10 sec worth.

Press Xbox button on controller > “Capture options” (little button on left of Xbox button on controller) > “Capture what happened” > “Last __ seconds/minutes”.

Setting > Preferences > Broadcast & capture > “Record that” duration > __ seconds/minutes (if you want to change the duration permanently when pressing Xbox button > X for “Record that”.

You’re welcome.

There is also “Game clip resolution” in Preferences > Broadcast & capture.
I record in 1080p but max of 2 mins, while 720p is max 5 mins.

Thanks for your response but I already knew all that. The problem is that when I go to capture for, say, 30 seconds, it will capture 6. And so on

You ever tried contacting Xbox support, or looking up similar issues on google?

I did google it and find some Microsoft troubleshooting page but nothing that was helpful.

I mean I’ll do some more researching if need be, was just hoping someone here had the issue before.

Like I said, no matter what I set the duration for, it will only record under 10 seconds worth

Have you done all this, scroll down to the hard drive part…


I use the internal storage of the Xbox for game clips so if I read that right, it shouldn’t apply to me. But thanks for digging that up. I am curious if it will record properly to a hard drive. Might try that later.

Captures are stored in the cloud if I remember correctly, but they are not saved. After an while I think they get deleted. If its full, they end up in a queue too. I use the Xbox app to save screenshots or videos I want to keep to my PC.

If you do it on the Xbox, you still need to save them to your Xbox as far as I know. Even if you’ve selected the internal drive, it wont do it automatically.

You can also use the DVR on the Xbox app to record videos, so you can test it that way too.

If you try to clip it twice (to make sure you got it) it will do this to you. I’ve had so many times where the stupid thing won’t acknowledge that I just made a clip so I press it again and it deletes the first and just records 6 seconds of me standing there in between clips.

I just have the app for iPhone. Is that what you’re talking about? So the Xbox app will record game clips? Say what? Tell me more.

Sorry I don’t mean to be a dolt.

Yeah the Xbox app on your iPhone is the same all round. You just need to sync it up with your console… start the app, then tap where it says console and sync it up with your Xbox.

Then you can click on captures and at the bottom it will show the game you’re playing, click on it and you can tap record from there too.

Oh. I got it now. Sweet. I’ll have to try that. Thanks