5 diamond emblems?

(D7c PiiChoOnN) #1

I am very excited about this, the problem is that I get tired of waiting I would like to know: even when they started giving this content to the people who dedicated their time to this great achievement? I can not wait any longer please I need an answer :3

(TSG BlackUltrax) #2

What is your thread about? 5 diamond emblems? There are 3 different diamond emblems at the moment. Which would be: 1. The normal diamond emblem, 2. The diamond 5 emblem without the skulls, 3. And the diamond master emblem with the skulls. The diamond 5/master emblem you got for getting diamond 5 in one playlist in season 3.

TC said, that there will be a new diamond master emblem for season 4 and 5. But we have not heard any news about this so far.

(URS feloide) #3

Thanks for the answer!