5 big things to fix horde - LIKE THE CLAW!

Please. Stop.

Buffs > nerfs.


i’m all for Buffing but the problem is if you leave JD the way he is atm and just buff everybody else to be stronger the game is going to be way too easy at that point. Buff the other characters, nerf JD. That’s what you do.

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Keegan and Kait are fine. JD is the problem. Keegan is way more balanced because he doesn’t have crazy damage buffs on explosives as well as capacity and artillery too. Keegan is fine

I feel that I have done the most damage in a wave I have ever done as keegan.

Yeah no capacity but a locker full of boomshots and torque bows is an easy get around!

Him with a salvo wrecks everything!

I think Kait is very powerful too, depends how you play,it’s a toss up for me!

Ok cool, Keegan is fine and not broken unlike JD. This is why Keegan is in a good spot. The problem is all that other stuff JD has makes it 10 times worse…

I would say Keegan is 100% broken as some of his best cards include being inside venom! But I get your point.

I do not like the mindless aiming of the freedom lancer and firework show its too easy on lower difficulties but on higher difficulties a good player playing as JD is great to have in a team!

He is very very fun to play as but it can be a borefest playing in a team with him!

Personally I wouldn’t change him now the freedom lancer is gone!

We are talking about Horde dude… escape is a completely different thing and we aren’t talking about that. You can’t use venom cards in escape…

Yes I am also talking about horde, he is a horde character who’s best cards for horde require venom which is not in horde?

And yes you can use venom cards in escape?

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I don’t understand why you’re bringing up venom in this instance either.

But seriously, leave JD alone. Trying to “tweek” him more will lead to other irritation to everyone else.
Just get the buffs out.

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He said Keegan isn’t broken I say he is, as his best cards only work in venom (escape)

Now do you understand?

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I get ya.
Jigging people around too much in Horde can make an Escape issue.

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I saw one of the dev’s post and say they are aware of the inconsistencies of escape characters being ported to horde and will fix it, hopefully tomorrow.

If they do it means more buffs for characters and no nerfs, which is what is needed! Then we will see posts such as “nefr keegan” someone is always going to be disappointed!

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It beats “NERF JD!” but still boring either way.
I was just playing Gears 4, I think going back to the old non hero approach may be best…

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How is gears 4 holding up for player count?

Gears 5 is just so pretty! A pretty mess but pretty all the same!

Yeah I miss being a heavy smashing the boomshot with Hoffman!

I just miss going on a Dropshot (headshot) carnage with the Heavy in Gears 4. Now that was fun stuff.

Too bad they nerfed that weapon so much it’s practically useless without explosive bleed or a damage boost. Even then it’s not that much fun to use when you rely on the bleed to do damage(if no headshot is landed) or use half or more of the limited 4 shots of the weapon on a single enemy.

And Horde generally needs balancing. Particularly buffs for “weaker” characters and tweaking of the enemies. They ain’t fun to fight rn on the high difficulties.


The Dropshot in 4 is so much fun compared to 5, very underwhelming in 5!

Heavy was my go to in 4, more or less all I played after I got my levels up in the others!

I agree overall it needs balancing, the elite drone is my main issue outside of character balancing/lack of characters.

I think the whole thing is just a mess with overinflated health, damage and accuracy numbers for enemies, but Drone Elites are definitely the worst of it all. They never miss, they down in 1-2 hits, and they sponge. There’s no downside for them which is just ridiculous.


For sure,bullet sponge, crazy accuracy and like fighting Tyson Fury when you go toe to toe with them!

The one shot down on higher difficulties is ridiculous!

Sometimes I feel the horde goes “clutch” like a switch is flicked and they try and wipe you and are pretty effective at it! Doesn’t feel like I lost because it is tough, feel like I’m cheated with some weird scripting…may just be a sore loser tho hahah

When you get wiped by a single Drone Elite that keeps insta dropping anybody who gets revived with 100% accuracy, no bloom or recoil, or a Kestrel insta downs everyone in five seconds with its stupidly accurate miniguns or a Swarmak charges straight for the base without ever stopping to fire rockets, there’s little to not feel cheap about that BS. Sentinels get a close fourth spot on the contender list of BS wipes caused by enemies, also closely followed by Mulcher Scions that are shielded by Bastions. Or Guardians.

I honestly would like it if tomorrow’s update was something good for PvE but I’m absolutely expecting something I couldn’t give less of a rat’s about.


Yes all of the above its strange, you know when it is happening and there is little you can do about it.

It doesn’t happen every game but it can happen quite frequently…the guardians I feel it is most noticeable for!

I’m right there with ya buddy, I would like it to PVE based but I won’t hold my breath!

If it isn’t PVE based I more or less dont care!