5 big things to fix horde - LIKE THE CLAW!

I see where the confusion is. I’m saying they need to reduce elite drone’s accuracy, not the weapon itself. There’s basically 2 types of claws right now, the precision laser that drones have and the claws that players can use with heavy spread. I’m fine with the claw damage if it’s not downing you every time you pop out of cover for 1/2 second. Elites are basically all snipers but with more damage, accuracy and health and more out on the field.

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You do realize that enemy balancing has zero influence on how player weapons are? The Claw for Elite Drones has literally zero dispersion, or it at least feels like that. Or in other means, they basically have Marcus’ Living Legend 100% of the time. Meanwhile the player Claw does and requires a few seconds of firing before reaching full accuracy.

But if the attributes of the enemies are changed, it has no influence whatsoever on players. To claim otherwise is ignorance, or unawareness of how coding works… or how it should be, anyway.


im dont see lancer like weak, if you play with marcus or cgo gear, thw two have card thats gives 50% more dmg, using the perk, you run to 80%, its a endgame characters on horde, you play like god on master, the problem its the fact that the characters dont have the card thats gives extra dmg.

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you are right, i like the idea you should have the possibility to buy any weapon on the game and any build, the repair tool should be 2k like other pistols

The Matriarch has already been toned down enough. Let’s keep some of the challenge please.


The only thing that needs nerfed in horde is JD and that’s because he is miles better then every other character in the game and is in his own tier. I think they need to take away his bleed but other then that I would say don’t nerf anything else. When Jd’d does 1 Million plus damage with easy that’s not healthy compared to all the other characters.

I don’ think all the assault rifles are bad. They do what they are supposed to. Tri shot’s are heavy weapons after all and very big and bulky, yes they are a lot stronger but they are big heavy weapons.

Maybe JD died in Gears5. And maybe the enemy will resurrect him and he will be one of the boss in the Campaign of Gears6. And he will use Freedom Lancer and his Ultimate against us.

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Or have gl scions in waves . I predict pain

Haha, I was going to start a new thread, but I’ll just add to this one, because it’s related/relevant…

Some of these pretty important cards are absolutely USELESS on higher diff levels. And I mean literally useless…

case in point, 2 night ago, wave 49, Master, Dam, I am Cog. One of my fave cards is that one which resets the ultimate recharge for frag kills (I don’t remember the name). I always (used to ) run it…

So, mid wave 49, Jack goes down in a strange location, elevated, we can’t get to him… Another 2 team mates go down, away from me… I wanted to keep team revive for wave 50, but hey, I have to - so I hit it, bring everyone back up. Now, I tell them, wait, wait, I need to get a couple of frag kills to reset my team revive for next wave…

So I run around, trying to kill DBs… (not scions… Not DR1… PeaceKeepers and deadeyes)…


I pepper them with retro until they are almost dead, I throw a frag, they don’t die…

I get them down to 30% health, I tag them, they don’t die…

I EVEN TAGGED A DEADEYE WHO WAS FROZEN IN PLACE BY LIZZY (so he HAD to have less than 25% health PLUS the freezing damage) - he didn’t die!!! He unfroze and regenerated his health!

I was disguarsted… I GET that some cards aren’t going to be as useful on higher diff levels (snub damage on master?)… But THIS card deals with speeding up/resetting the ultimate cooldown… THAT has to be relevant on all diff levels, especially when it’s team revive which becomes MORE important on higher diffs… And it was impossible for me to get a kill, and I went through about 8 frags (I am NOT joking)…

In the end, we just kept the last 2 DBs alive long enough for my team revive to recharge by itself, and we finished 50 thanks to it, but come on…


Frags are useless for COG and you give him a card which requires him to get kills with frags as part of ultimate recharge…

No thinking at all…

BTW, I don’t think that COG’s custom rifle card and assault rifle perks apply to GL’s explosives. The JD gave me a few GLs to use during the game, and I wasn’t able to get a single kill with the GLs (I know how to use the GL too)… So I just stayed with trishot and retro for smaller enemies…

This is why I say buff and work on other characters damage before nerfing JD

Haha, too late: Was Horde nerfed, silently?


How were they not dying? That’s bizarre. Your grenades were doing zero damage?

They were doing damage just not enough. The damage of a frsg is now puny relative to enemy health at higher levels.

In GoW4 a frag tag always killed the enemy. Not in G5, because, you know, it is a deeper, more tactical, more skillful game when your weapons and cards do NOTHING against bullet sponge enemies…

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Happend again tonight wave 39 Master Canals, other night wave 47 master district, wave 26 master forge, 37 master icebound. ALL DISCONNECTS (i have excellent ethernet wired internet so it’s not due to my connection

Like others have said, they need to do a lot of buffs to characters to make it more fun. They noticed JD was being picked “too much” in comparison to others so they do some soft nerfs to him. If they had looked into why he’s ALWAYS picked it’s because in the higher difficulties he’s one of the only ones that can do enough DPS. It takes a LOT of time and ammo to take down a small guy with a starter gun, they need to increase the damage for them. I like the COG gears ability but after wave 20 or so he burns through SO MUCH lancer ammo only to tickle the enemy. Gears quickly turned into heavy weapons of war.

Yes buffing some of the other characters would be an incredible thing there’s some awesome potential for some of the weaker characters to be even more fun and interesting I really hope they buff some of the other characters soon to even help to compete with how much damage and how efficient JD can be.

Haha they didn’t even nerf him. They just switched his starting weapon but now he gets a boomshot for free which is a expensive weapon.

Yeah JD is way too strong

What do you suggest for Keegans ridiculously good bleed card and Kaits shotgun bleed?

I think instead of asking for nerfs we need buffs!

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