5 big things to fix horde - LIKE THE CLAW!

Horde has always been one of my favorite things to do in videogames. I stopped playing after a few months because of how broken it was but with this new update they’ve finally fixed several things that killed the fun and I’ve been playing it daily now. That said there’s still a number of glaring issues to fix.

1 - THE CLAW!!! I appreciate challenges but half of the enemies shouldn’t have a gun they can down you with instantly from across the map. It’s ridiculous that it takes 2-3 longshot headshots to kill one but they can down you instantly (2-3 shots) from 200 feet away. One drone with a claw should not be able to wipe your entire team in 3 seconds. One drone should not be able to pin you down behind cover as it calmy walks up to finish you off, knowing full well that if you so much as blindfire at him that he’ll shoot your arm and down you instantly. One drone should not be more intimidating than a scion or pouncer. Elite drone accuracy NEEDS to be reduced, it’s far more frustrating than fun dealing with them. Gears is about cover and flanking enemies, having your entire team huddled tightly together so they can constantly pick each other up when facing 1-2 guys with claws is ridiculous.

2- More fortification friendly: When you don’t have an engineer the difficulty spikes exponentially. No need to punish us more with an absurd 10,000 for a repair tool. If there’s no engineer then allow others to upgrade stuff to at least level 2. I’ve played too many games where our engineer leaves, a random teammate spends our last 10k on a repair tool and loses it by running out like an idiot and dying. An option to sell fortifications would be nice, there’s always that one idiot that buys 8 barriers when they’re not an engineer, or a jack that ignores the forge that was already built 5 waves earlier and builds another one etc. It would be nice to get all/some of that money back.

3- Far less mobility for guardians/sentinels: Again, I enjoy challenges, but when they can zoom right up in your face, go behind you and all your fortifications, down 3-5 of your guys and zoom away to safety in 5 seconds it’s just frustrating. Half of dealing with them comes down to luck: whether enough power weapons dropped and are stored in a locker and if it’s going to hang back and shoot or fly behind you before you can even break it’s shield.

4- Even less HP for Matriarch’s: The fights always seem to drag on far too long, just last night my team spent 5+ minutes chasing down the jump happy matriarch, peppering it with our peashooters, the only thing we had left after it had destroyed our weapons lockers. In the meantime someone has to go and move all the fortifications to safety so it doesn’t bump and instantly destroy everything. It’s just a very tedious boss that requires tons of time and even more ammo.

5- Less DeeBees: This one is more of a personal preference but it eats up too much ammo, whether it’s your sentry or lancer/shotgun etc. I’m constantly on chainsaw/back yanking duty to save our teammates and turrets ammo but it gets old pretty quick. I think everyone would have more fun shooting more basic enemies (imago’s/enforcer deebee’s) who aren’t all heavily armored that eat up 1/4+ of your ammo and who drop common guns #ammo. Using 200-300 rounds of enforcer and only being able to pick up 80 a round from ammo boxes is frustrating. Also makes more targets for snipers.

Now some minor problems: Cole’s tackle/melee doesn’t stun drones about 1/3 of the time, causing me to be knocked down or killed instantly. The lancer periodically reloads and jams when I try to chainsaw something. I’ve never had this issue until this last update, though maybe it’s just my controller getting old and not as responsive, something to look into. When Jack hijacks an ice scion the cryo cannon is worthless. I can count at least 5 times where I’ve hijacked one, immediately started freezing an enemy (like a drone) and it takes every single second of my hijack to freeze that one enemy. I haven’t done it since this update but I didn’t see anything about this in the patch notes. Lastly, Jack’s heal doesn’t always work, every few waves I’ll try healing someone at low health and it won’t do anything, I have to wait until they take damage again before I can heal them.


You should drop the Enforcer and pick up a Claw.


I do agree on the repair tool.

Absolutely no reason for it to cost anymore than another weapon. $3000 max.

Makes solo expensive.


I do for most situations but there are some defensive positions that I like the enforcer better. But the game should support different playstyles, not to mention some of the challenges are get x kills with x weapon.

Its not just the Enforcer. Literally every assault rifle is completely useless unless its Marcus using the Retro with his infinite ultimate. This playstyle is braindead stupid but effective if you can keep Rifle Feedback going perpetually. I really wish they had just copy-pasted the Gears 4’s soldier’s AR cards because that was effective and more importantly fun.

This game is still very much Trishots of war and its boring as hell that its the best weapon for 90% of the roster. I just want to use a Lancer and shoot stuff and be able to contribute just as much as a JD, is that too much to ask?


2000 words spilled on horde, but nothing about the kicking-out-the-game issue. I guess you never play on master n just easier faster runs. I’ve played horde daily and I’ve quit 2 weeks ago as it’s unplayable. 95% chance you r kicked out of the game with the whole team in these 3 hours.


Please show that ■■■■■■■ Fabricator on that ■■■■■■■ map with a ■■■■■■■ compass. :unamused:

I started to get sick of using Claws.
I had nearly changed my name into Claws-Killer…
But yeah… Elite Drones are pretty annoying.
Lancer, Enforcer and any other light weapons are pretty weak.
That’s why I mostly play Beginner level Horde. At least I can’t get down by one shot or one hit by the enemy and the enemies are easier to kill.
I can enjoy killing enemies by hitting them when I’m using Thrashball Cole! :sunglasses:

I can’t tell if you’re serious or not. There’s like this fabricator icon indicating you its position if you don’t have the scoreboard or overhead map open already, if you are.

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For me only Tac-Com shows me where is the Fabricator but not the map.
And I barely using Tac-Com.

Pro tip, it’s right by the engineer :yum:

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But where is the Engineer? Engineer!!! Where are you!? :unamused:


Pro Tip, he’s always near the fab :rofl::rofl:

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I’ll see myself out :sweat_smile:

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Sometimes he/she is nearer to the farest Energy Tap… :upside_down_face:

Lol, yea they do love that sweet sweet energy

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Especially in the morning! :upside_down_face:


Then use Tac-Com to locate it. It’s not exactly the hardest thing in the world to briefly tap a button.
It also tends to be in the direction the enemies are travelling in.

This is just ridiculous. I think it should be 3k, 5k max. Paying 10,000 and then somehow dying is the worst experience. It’s an insane price.

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The funny thing is there’s an option to add a ping-sound to the fabricator in tac-com.

Its a good job TC dont read these forums becasue its not the claw thats the problem its the accuracy on the elite drones. Please stop calling for player nerfs in PvE - nerf enemy health and accuracy.