4x XP from today?

This was supposed to begin today, right?
And on that note - can anyone tell me if there’s a weapon skin for getting Wings 5, and what it is if so?

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There is a weapon skin for reaching Wings 5 - the Wings Custom Lancer.

And yes. Technically the 4x XP is supposed to start today. Whether it’s already on, haven’t been able to tell properly but I think it was before I went off about half an hour ago.

What I’m more curious about is, wasn’t the Horde event supposed to cycle today? Or did they mean June 4th with “next Tuesday” on last weeks’ What’s Up?


Check this out. https://twitter.com/CoalitionGears/status/1133170037991149569?s=20


Thanks, I didn’t catch that tweet(partially because I’m not on Twitter and the Twitter announcements were removed from the community page).

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Thanks both for your replies and info.
I’d forgotten that the custom Lancer skin was for Wings 5 - only (!!!) 20 more levels to go… :joy:

20 levels is relative. I’m on Wings 4 myself, though Level 61. It takes bloody ages to level up. I have for goal to reach Wings 5 before Gears 5 is out. Just for personal achievement since I can’t 100% Gears 4 due to the Versus achievements I can’t be bothered to get. Don’t really like the Wings skins. Any of the Phantom skins(except pink - horrible color especially when it’s bright!) and the Pulse skins look better. I should make it but I’m not entirely certain yet. And it already takes two Insane/Inconceivable matches for one level with the double XP…that 4x XP should help though. If I can find games which actually go to 50, that is.

Update from Coalition? Minus 2 days ago, I haven’t played in around a year. Wasn’t a fan of the horrid grind, the way horde was, and the loot boxes. But I decided to go for the Raam skin cause I apparently already had the first steps done. Just wanna quickly get the 1m XP for Raam in case Gears 5 is actually good. And the 4x XP would make that go quickly.

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