Literally half the time I play this game, there is either a quitter or a I’d assume a disconnect. In the event that this happens, something needs to be done that will allow us to quit the match without getting the stupid ban.

I just don’t understand, they try to implement these rules that make it all hardcore ranked and it’s all BS! Funny thing is, when someone quits, they probably don’t care about the ban because they were getting off gears anyway! The only people who suffer is their team, because now we have to suffer through a likely loss and probably lose rank because of this! Unbelievable that TC thinks this is OK. They need to allow us to quit without penalty if this happens, because it is not fun. It makes me want to not even attempt to play this game. At the very least, make it so the game no longer counts rank up or down for anyone. But honestly the ability to quit would be much better because who wants to play 4v5?

And would it really be so difficult to let a player join the match in progress? Why is this such an issue? As it stands now it is incredibly frustrating and I will say it again: TC, SOMETHING. NEEDS. TO. BE. DONE!


This has been talked about so many times.

It’s frustrating, it happens to me all the time and once more they are doing a complete rank overhaul so until then there’s not much of a point for this same point to be enhanced further.

I get you dude I really do but we’re all in the same boat here.

Something will be done eventually, but we all know what TC are like. They take their fine ■■■ time to do so lol.


People say there is a quit option that appears after a while when someone quits. I recently actively searched for this option and I can’t find it. Even when someone quit in the beginning of round one on Koth. I still never seen the option. Maybe @Nineteenth_Hour can shed some light on this and help us out a bit because I finally got a 15 min ban for backing out of pre lobby because I had 3 non re-up on my team and 2 were level 19 so that level 30 criteria is straight BS I been hearing.

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Sometimes it does show up for me but most times as you said my dude even if it’s only the first round the quit option never really shows up.

Also I heard that if they are stacked then players with a level lower than 50 can still join which is straight up bs .

I had the same problem as you, a few really low level players and I quit the pre lobby which resulted in a 15 minute ban. I don’t understand their logic at all at TC😂

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I understand it’s hard to stop players from quitting. But there needs to be a fix for losing skill points after losing 3 or 4v5.

There’s no reason for the game to tell me my team is favored to win if 1-2 of my teammates quit in the middle of the game.

The losing team should not be losing skill points because they lost a 3v5


Also when I view there profile there gamerscore is anywhere from 35 to 450. What the hell am I trying to play a rank match with them for. They are the ones who quit to begin with. I haven’t figured out the point penalty yet but I just might accept another ban if I see that BS again. Also when I see the default “mark” that circle I’m like hell no lol.

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Again once more I agree with you but TC have already stated there is going to be a complete overhaul so until then gotta deal with the excuse for a rank system we have lol

It’s just another flaw in the system, I don’t care if I’m shallow I am not playing with players that low level when I’m a d3.

Because let’s be real I’ll lose like a few hundred points if so, I’d rather accept the ban and play something else for awhile.

The pre lobby thing is in my opinion far too much, in game I understand the penalties of course but that’s just laughable. What if I have to back out cause I’m randomly going out etc… boom I get a ban like wth😂.

Mate I’m the same as you, I see that circle and retreat as fast as I can. Abort mission, I repeat abort mission😂

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You only lose a few hundred man you must still beast it when down a player or 2. I play solo mostly. I only make it to high diamond 1. Seems like every time I’m in position to finally make that leap someone quits, messes up my game. I lose all my 1v1 and 1v2. When all said and done I lose like 1200 points most of the time it’s a ridiculous amount because of my performance. Add a couple games in a row like that I’m back down to anywhere from gold 3 to onyx 2. Than I just Grind back up.


Thanks man, I would say I play pretty decent but all the sweaty masters with their sweaty movement and up a’s just really annoy me in this game not to mention alot of masters play as stacks lol.

I’m surprised I’ve stayed at d3, usually I’m in d2 or d1 but guess I’ve got kinda lucky lately. I’m sure I’ll drop down soon lol, I know I can make it to masters but with the system atm it’s not going to happen.

I know we’ve all talked about it like but losing that many points no matter what the circumstances are is just plain and utterly ridiculous.

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SOMETIMES when you press start it will say return to main menu. But even if you do this, after you finish your NEXT game you will realize that you get severely penalized for this. Its bullshi


Thanks for the info. How bad is the penalty? Wondering if it’s worth it or take the beating lol.


what does this mean

Also when I see the default “mark” that circle I’m like hell no lol.


I do not balme you its no picnic for us lower ranks as well to pay a D3. The beat down is just bad.

I might kill them 1 in 6 times we engage. but its unreal how the trun and land the exact shout that kills. it actually prevents us from moving up and building confidence in the game.

you know when you hit a level you should never go back down just wait to rank up.

no point in lossing rank from other varibles you can not control.

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Yeah for sure it’s not pleasant for both sides I’ve said that before on a different thread. I understand the frustrations on both ends.

I get that way with masters or just sweaty players, the way they play can make anyone feel discouraged and not have confidence in their play style

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It popped up for me in Escalation.

A teammate quit on one round.

The next round started and after like 15 seconds I pressed the start button and had an option to drop from the match.

I didn’t lose any points.

This was during Operation 2.

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You know how we get to choose our marks in game. Lol when you see that default mark run like @QueenOfOblivi0n lol. It means that they are so new they haven’t even took the time to change or go through the marks, hell maybe haven’t even unlocked any lol.

Honestly it doesn’t bug me as much as it might seem. Just the quitters and the punishment that is handed out. I just love playing Gears but it’s getting more and more consistent that more than not your going to have a quitter.

What about the next match after did you take a point lost?