4v4 koth? Really not a good idea at all

4v4 koth? Really not a good idea at all.


I support 4v4. but feel free to ask tc what you want.

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What so the game is slwer? Who wants that? Go play call of duty or battlefield if thats what you like.


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Wtf are you talking about dude its been 5v5 the whole time ive played gears, 4v4 is slower, if you cant agree to that fact then i dont know how poor you must be at math to try arguing otherwise but … You knowwhat if you cant agree 4v4 slows the game down then i dont want to talk about the issue any further with u…


i don’t understand the excitement here. i prefer 4v4 and you prefer 5v5. so why argue? I’ve already written, feel free to ask what you want. I don’t have to want the same thing as you. We haven’t reached slavery yet, where everyone has to have the same opinion. stay cool


i dont do math. i just play the game. since koth have 4v4 the games i play so far takes arround 9 minutes per round -> thats the same time as before in average.

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At last I have found a positive with 4v4…I don’t come 5th anymore, everyone’s a winner :wink:

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4v4 is a good idea. Games are more fun.

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i prefer ranked koth to be 5v5. i’ve played koth in every gears except UE because it was slow and 4v4.

I perfeclty understand the pros and cons of 5v5 vs 4v4 and I prefer 5v5 because it is more fun. I know some people complain about this and that and while it is valid, I’m on the side who likes the mode to be action packed.

I like the extra player in a 5v5.

I dont want to sound any type of way, but it really depends so much on the type of player you are. If you’re a player that can nearly be everywhere at once, you will definitely prefer 5v5. In essence, you are the 5th player, the wildcard. That’s why some argue slow/less action. If you’re a player who is more so at a 1.0 k/d then yeah i can see why you prefer 4v4.

I personally loved going for over 175 elims in 5v5s, in those games that made you lose track of time.

4v4 to me is taking away the lebron, luka doncic, curry factor from teams. the floor spreading isn’t the same, ya know?


Its true. When a gears game is 4v4 you are more obligated to play a certain way. Less freedom for a player to do something creative. Less of a sandbox.

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it is certainly slower paced and social koth is forced to have mandatory bots in every game.
it is slower.
Also, the bots either do nothing or have laser aim.
Making for very inconsistent interactions.


what i can say is that it feels slower. if i compare the match timer between 4v4 and 5v5 i cant saying that 4v4 is slower because the rounds takes in average the same time.

i have absolutely no problem with 5v5. I don’t really care whether I play 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6 as long as the gameplay is fun. if I can choose I choose 4v4. i can understand you all and i can also understand the arguments. i just prefer 4v4 and that’s it

Edit: i have also some arguments for 5v5 is better, because my wife dont play really good and when i play with her 4v4 becomes more difficulty as 5v5.
it is idle to discuss it. some like it that way and others just don’t.
I’ve played 4v4 for thousands of hours and 5v5 for thousands of hours. I think it is for everyone individually what they prefer.

I would argue that better players prefer 5v5


we can battle us in some 1v1 matches if you want.
Since you mean better players prefer 5v5 and the weaker 4v4, then it shouldn’t be a problem to defeat me, because I prefer 4v4. then we would not have to discuss it here in the forum.

Send me a massage if you accept the challange.
you can host 3 games with your rules and i host 3 games with my rules. The player with the most wins is the winner.

Imagine having such a fragile ego that you need to challenge someone to a 1v1 because of a slight difference in opinion.

Dont take it so personal.


my ego is not fragile at all. I was insulted here that I can not count, that I should stop playing gears etc. and this only because I wrote at the top that I prefer 4v4! I also didn’t write that 4v4 players should be worse than 5v5 players. I think this is an absolutely stupid view. I didn’t even mention in a single word that I play well. I challenged him because it is pointless to discuss things like this here in the forum, there is only one possibility. or do you think that by discussing it can be determined which players “should be better” (4v4 or 5v5)? I have not offended anyone here first and have not even started making such stupid announcements here first.

Edit: i have just adjusted the texts to the level of the original poster.

I prefer KOTH (4V4/5V5) without stack team or teams of 2 …

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It’s very casual.

4v4 & hit masters solo & I wasn’t playing hard.

Is 4v4 a good idea? Yes & no.